Kim Jong-un’s sister calls South Korean defense minister ‘scum’ and threatens ‘disaster’

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un’s sister Kim Yo-jong issued a statement on Sunday condemning South Korean Defense Minister Suh Wook as a “scumbag” and threatening Pyongyang’s southern neighbor with “disaster.”

North Korea’s foreign ministry issued a separate statement condemning the United Nations and America in particular for passing a resolution on North Korea’s long record of human rights abuses against its own people, and accusing America of being home to “all kinds of social ills and… Files of institutional human rights violations.”

The outbreak follows South Korea’s election last month of a new, conservative president, Yoon Suk-yeol, who will take office in May. As a candidate, Yoon pledged to bring Seoul closer to the United States and implement a foreign policy that takes a harder line on the North. Current President Moon Jae-in sought to expand dialogue and cooperation with Pyongyang to prevent Kim from threatening his state, a policy that would undermine his goals of formally ending the 70-year-old Korean War or getting Kim to quit Commit to ending nuclear power, unachieved weapons development.

Kim’s insults directed at Suh come in response to the South Korean citizen’s assurance that his military was prepared for any attack from the north, in response to Pyongyang’s statement last month that it had successfully tested a new intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). .

“Currently, our military has a large number and different types of missiles, which have greatly improved in terms of range, accuracy and performance, and have the ability to accurately and quickly hit any targets in North Korea,” Suh ​​bei said an event “on the occasion of the reinforcement of the Army Missile Strategic Command”, according to the South Korean news service Yonhap.

Files/People read a newspaper at a newsstand in Pyongyang on June 6, 2020. Kim Yo Jong on June 4 threatened to pull out of a military deal signed with Seoul and pull the plug on inter-Korean projects, in possible retaliation for Seoul’s failure to stop North Korean defectors from dropping information from hot-air balloons revealing the regime’s human rights record and nuclear ambitions criticize. (KIM WON JIN/AFP via Getty)

Suh stressed that South Korea could launch military strikes inside North Korea against the “origin of any attack and its command and support facilities.”

“The South [sic] The Korean defense minister on April 1 revealed his confrontational hysteria with the DPRK and spoke of a “pre-emptive strike” on it,” Kim Yo-jong said in a statement released by North Korea’s Central News Agency (KCNA) on Sunday.

“The senseless and scumbag dares to mention the ‘pre-emptive strike’ on a nuclear-armed state in its senseless bluster that will never benefit the South [sic] Neither does Korea,” the statement continued. “He’s a confrontational maniac, immersed in the mindset of confronting his countrymen up north.”

“South Korea could face a serious threat over the reckless statements of its defense minister,” Kim warned. “We will reconsider many things in relation to the South [sic] Korea. South Korea should discipline itself if it wants to avert a catastrophe. I hope I don’t hear him rumble again.”

Kim Yo-jong is not only the dictator’s sister, but also holds the title of “Vice Department Head of the Central Committee” of the ruling Communist Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) and has held a high public role as the country’s representative. Kim made her diplomatic debut at the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics after President Moon invited him. Since then, she has specialized in publishing outraged, angry, and threatening statements about America and various other enemies of the Kim regime, in contrast to Kim Jong-un’s more friendly demeanor.

Elsewhere on KCNA’s online pages, North Korea’s foreign ministry condemned America’s “illegal and inhumane hostile policies” condemning human rights abuses on Sunday. The statement came in response to the passage of a resolution by the UN Human Rights Council condemning the country’s “long-standing” human rights abuses “in the strongest possible terms”. The resolution is notable given that several high-profile human rights abusers with friendly ties to North Korea — including Cuba, the illegitimate socialist regime in Venezuela, Russia and Eritrea — currently sit on the council. South Korea also currently holds a seat.

“As the fair and impartial international community recognizes, the anti-DPRK is [North Korea] “Human rights resolution” that the US and Western countries put forward every year bears no relation to genuine human rights,” the State Department roared, “and it is no more than a highly politicized device of hostility to besmirch the dignified image of the DPRK and the denying the real rights and interests of the Korean people.”

“All kinds of social ills and institutional human rights abuses such as racial discrimination, national chauvinism, violence against women, violations of children’s rights, police violence and gun crime are rampant in the United States and Western countries,” the statement continued. “But they want to pass themselves off as ‘human rights judges’! It truly is the height of deceit, hypocrisy, shamelessness and double standards.”

“We express serious concern that UNHRC [Human Rights Council] is now being reduced to a tool used by the US and Western countries to further their unjust political ends,” the State Department claimed, “unaware of its inherent mission to reject politicization, selectivity, and double standards on the issue of human rights and to contribute to contribute to the protection and promotion of human rights worldwide through dialogue and cooperation based on the principles of impartiality and objectivity.”

North Korea is a communist country that indoctrinates its people to worship the Kim family. Over 200,000 people are believed to be languishing in labor camps for a variety of “crimes,” including Christianity, Western music or movies, or general “reactionary thinking.” The population of the camps has reportedly increased since 2020 as citizens have been jailed for allegedly violating China’s tough coronavirus restrictions. Ample evidence collected by human rights groups and journalists suggests North Korea commits other crimes such as widespread executions, starvation and slavery.

South Korea’s Unification Ministry, which is responsible for relations with the North, this weekend condemned the vitriol from Pyongyang at its regular press conference on Monday.

“The Unification Ministry is making it clear that North Korea should by no means cause additional tensions on the Korean Peninsula,” spokesman Lee Jong-joo told reporters.

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