Latest Trump News: Ex-President rejects plan to make him Speaker of the House amid outrage over his appointment to Putin

Trump urges Putin to unleash dirt on Biden family

Donald Trump has poured cold water on suggestions that he could be elected Speaker of the House by Republicans after November’s midterm elections – an idea floated by some of his harder allies in Congress. Instead, the President said, “I want to see what happens and then we’ll do something else.”

He did so in the same interview in which he urged Vladimir Putin to publish smut about the Biden family’s alleged dealings with the Moscow mayor’s wife. His appeal to Russia’s autocrats has sparked outrage amid Mr Putin’s recent attack on Ukraine, an American ally.

Meanwhile, it has emerged that White House phone records from Jan. 6, 2021, obtained by the Committee Investigating the Capitol Riot, show a 7-hour gap in communications from former President Donald Trump, a time span that affected the attack on the building by a horde of includes his supporters.

Later on Tuesday, former national security adviser John Bolton said that contrary to the ex-president’s denials, Mr Trump was aware of the slang term “burner phone” – and that he had used the term on several occasions.


Morning Joe hosts blast Trump for asking Russia for dirt on Bidens

Johanna Chisholm reports.

Oliver O’ConnellMarch 30, 2022 20:34


The White House criticizes Trump’s “scheming” with Putin

Responding to Donald Trump’s request to Russian President Vladimir Putin, White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield said:

“What American, let alone an ex-president, thinks this is the right time to frame Vladimir Putin and brag about his connection to Vladimir Putin? There is only one and that is Donald Trump.”

Justin VallejoMarch 30, 2022 20:18


LGBT+ advocates condemn Oklahoma’s new law

Republican Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt has signed legislation banning trans athletes from women’s sports, the latest salvo in a statewide GOP-led culture war against inclusive gender politics.

While Mr. Stitt called the law “just common sense,” LGBT+ activists and advocates in his state take a different view:

Nicole McAfee, executive director of the Freedom Oklahoma advocacy group, said LGBT+ residents are “exhausted, scared, angry.”

“This is unacceptable,” it said in a statement. “Trans women are girls. There are non-binary Oklahomans. The portrayal of gender and sexual diversity to young people is not obscene, but efforts to criminalize it rather than just censor it certainly are.”

Andrew NaughtieMarch 30, 2022 20:10


Trump’s Truth Social signups have plummeted

Donald Trump’s ailing social media platform, Truth Social, has seen a reported 93 percent drop in downloads since its launch last month.

Analysts at technology company Sensor Tower found a drop of nearly 810,000 users since Truth Social launched on Feb. 21, with about 870,000 installs in its first week and just 60,000 more recently.

Oliver O’ConnellMarch 30, 2022 7:35 p.m


The former impeachment adviser puts Trump’s statements into perspective

While Russian state television hosts are openly calling for Donald Trump’s return to power, and the ex-president himself is inviting Vladimir Putin to share unflattering information with the Biden family, one of the former legal counsel in Trump’s first impeachment – the trial surrounding his Priem — to issue pro-quo pressures on the Ukrainian government — has this blatant statement about how serious the situation in the GOP is.

Andrew NaughtieMarch 30, 2022 7:10 p.m


Schiff: Trump is ‘consistently immoral and unpatriotic’

Former senior impeachment manager Rep Adam Schiff was asked by NBC News’ Garrett Haake if former President Donald Trump asked Russian President Vladimir Putin for dirt on Hunter Biden.

Mr Schiff replied: “Well, at least he’s consistent. It is consistently immoral and unpatriotic to address Putin at a time when Russia is killing Ukrainians, once again, to sully its opponents.”

Oliver O’ConnellMarch 30, 2022 6:45 p.m


Trump rejects House Speaker’s idea

Former President Donald Trump has formally rejected the idea of ​​serving as Speaker of the House next year should Republicans win control of the House in this year’s midterm election.

Mr Trump made his decision clear in an interview with John Solomon and Amanda Head, after Ms Head noted that his reaction to Congressman Matt Gaetz’s proposal at a Florida rally hosted by the ex-president did not make it clear whether he supported the idea .

Oliver O’ConnellMarch 30, 2022 6:32 p.m


ICYMI: Bolton says Trump knows what a burner phone is

The more than seven-hour gap in the Jan. 6, 2021 White House phone records has raised concerns that the President and some of his allies may have communicated via disposable “burner phones” before, during and after the attack on the US Capitol – which it is potentially making it impossible for investigators to definitively determine who the President spoke to and when.

The President defends himself against this theory by saying that he doesn’t actually know what a “burner phone” is. However, his former national security adviser, John Bolton, has effectively dismissed that claim as a lie. And it has also been noted that his legal team used the term multiple times in a court case against his niece and critic, Mary L. Trump.

Andrew NaughtieMarch 30, 2022 6:10 p.m


Hunter Biden’s laptop: the saga continues

As of late 2020, the contents of a Hunter Biden laptop left in a Delaware computer shop has become something of an obsession within the right-wing media ecosystem — though the story tends to flare up noticeably whenever a Donald Trump scandal gets involved hot for comfort.

While initial reports of the laptop’s contents were met with much skepticism from the mainstream, the Washington Post has now analyzed reams of data allegedly obtained from the laptop allegedly given to him by a Republican activist. According to the paper, the results of a detailed technical investigation will do little to resolve the dispute over the laptop’s authenticity or the value of its purported contents:

The contents of Biden’s laptop have sparked debate and controversy since the New York Post and other news organizations reported stories based on data allegedly extracted from it during the final month of the 2020 presidential campaign.

Many Republicans have presented this data as evidence of Hunter Biden’s wrongdoing, which has embroiled his father in a scandal, while Democrats have dismissed it as likely disinformation, possibly advanced by Russian agents acting in a well-documented attempt to to undermine Biden. Facebook and Twitter restricted the spread of stories about the drive’s contents in 2020 amid concerns that the revelations could result from a nefarious hacking campaign aimed at reversing the election, such as Russian hacks of sensitive Democratic Party emails shaped the course of the 2016 elections.

The Washington Post’s forensic findings are unlikely to resolve this debate, instead offering only the limited revelation that some of the data on the portable drive appears to be authentic. The security researchers who examined the data for The Post struggled to make any firm conclusions about the content as a whole, including whether it all came from a single computer or could be compiled from files from multiple computers and transferred to the portable drive.

Andrew NaughtieMarch 30, 2022 5:10 p.m


ICYMI: What Trump is asking Putin to do

More than two years after being indicted for withholding military aid to Ukraine to force an investigation into the Biden family’s activities, Donald Trump has urged Vladimir Putin to release unflattering material about the Bidens’ alleged dealings with the mayor’s wife to publish from Moscow .

He did so when Mr. Putin attacks an American ally, and specifically implied that since the Russian President is not a fan of the US government, now would be a good time for Mr. Putin to contribute his knowledge.

Andrew NaughtieMarch 30, 2022 4:15 p.m

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