Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga tips for beginners

Like all Lego games, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is crammed full of unlockable content, Easter eggs and silly gags, but it’s going to take a lot of time and energy to see it all – unless you follow our beginner’s tips to help you find yours Blending brick-busting action and exploration with the Force. Here are the top picks we recommend for your journey through the Skywalker saga.

stay focused

Cheat codes and playing with a friend will surely help you on your journey to unlock the 380+ characters and see all the magical Star Wars moments, but keep an eye on the story mode until you’ve watched it to the end to have.

The Skywalker saga contains all sorts of areas and situations that are only accessible with certain characters and/or character types. Switching between characters is pretty easy, especially once your Jedi reflexes get used to navigating the holocron, but the real game begins after you’ve assembled a team of different heroes and villains.

Revisiting areas as characters that weren’t originally there on your first run through Story Mode unlocks all sorts of Easter Eggs, which should be a real treat for fans well-versed in the universe. There are also doors, paths, and items that can only be accessed with unlocked characters, many of which can be obtained by simply completing all nine story episodes.

Stormtroopers and other bad guys won’t attack you if you’re on their side.

Characters can also be unlocked in other ways, like in-game purchases, paid DLCs, and uncovering rumors by talking to NPCs, but completing each movie’s default story mode will yield a ridiculous amount of characters.

Then you can start fresh in Free Play mode with all your hard-earned unlocks. You can pause playing through the entire story between episodes, which can be tempting, but you’ll often find yourself hitting brick walls (heh) that can’t be passed for too long without a locked character.

Stay on target and complete the whole story. It’s worth it and will make your post-game quests so much easier.

Exploration is easier without the threat of higher ground

The Star Wars universe is fairly well recreated in its latest LEGO form, but that includes cliffs, huge hills and countless other high points enough to make Anakin Skywalker nervous.

Before starting (or anytime by pausing the game) make sure you check the game’s accessibility settings and check the case recovery box.

Instead of falling to your death and suffering a stud penalty, you will now be teleported to your last safe location without losing valuable loot. While you’re there, I’d also recommend turning on the subtitles, unless you prefer the retro approach that’s always possible with the game’s mumble mode.

Focus on getting those upgrades as soon as possible

The Skywalker Saga features a fairly robust upgrade system, covering both general and class-specific attributes and abilities. While the latest Lego Star Wars outing isn’t incredibly difficult, it can be a much more entertaining game to play with the right upgrades. We recommend unlocking the following upgrades as soon as possible:

dress stallions may be updated more than once and you should definitely do so as often as possible. The upgrade turns your LEGO figures into almighty magnetic plastic that pulls in bolts without having to physically touch them. This will make you rich while also saving you tons of time, especially if you ignore the previous tip and fall to your death. This ability often retracts any studs lost to a fatal fall or other grisly fate.

Do droids dream of electric tauntauns?
Do droids dream of electric tauntauns?

Hero/Villain Terminal Expert needs to be unlocked twice, once for each moral faction, but definitely worth it. There are terminals in every level and with these upgrades you will unlock Studs with every successful hack. Or you can skip them altogether if you prefer. Either way, you make money or save time.

For cash gives you extra studs for successful counterattacks in combat, which can make fights more thoughtful and strategic, and gives even more incentive to stay focused in a game that isn’t incredibly difficult. This, in my opinion, improves the fight and at the same time gives you extra money.

Collectible Detector highlights important pick-ups with an on-screen marker. There’s endless things to discover and collect in The Skywalker Saga; Don’t wait until the end of your playthrough to make things easier for yourself. The ability can be disabled in the upgrade menu when you’re not actively using it, which helps as the screen can get quite busy, especially after you’ve leveled up the ability a few times.

Unlock Stud Multipliers with Datacards

Hidden away in the Extras menu are Stud Multipliers, which can be unlocked by finding Datacards throughout the Star Wars universe. There are a few different Stud Multipliers that can be unlocked, and they can all be stacked.

Destroying huge fascist weapons is profitable and exciting.
Destroying huge fascist weapons is profitable and exciting.

Unlocking the x2, x4, x6, x8, and x10 multipliers increases the value of every single stud piece you pick up. This can quickly add up on the game’s more chaotic levels, like battling the Death Star, where there’s seemingly limitless things to blast. The results are even more lucrative in combination with the next tip.

destroy things

There’s nothing you can break that won’t help you. Break everything you can to get even more riveting pieces. Sometimes you even discover secrets, like useful items or weapons that can be built to help you against enemies and obstacles. You don’t have to break everything, but there’s no reason not to either. The results are even more amazing when you combine the constant destruction with Stud Multipliers and the Stud Attract upgrade.

Stop by and hop off when you’ve got what you need

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga constantly saves your game, even as new collectibles are acquired. There’s no reason to complete levels after you’ve got what you came for unless you really want to, but it’s not like there’s a shortage of content to explore. Jump back into the holocron to change levels or even episodes entirely whenever you collect the treasure you came for. The Skywalker saga is packed with unlockables, so it’s nice that the game doesn’t force you to keep completing story content unnecessarily.

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