Lüner SV – BVB: Sixth division hits surprised – new signing hits - Bark Sedov
Lüner SV – BVB: Sixth division hits surprised – new signing hits

Lüner SV – BVB: Sixth division hits surprised – new signing hits

Lüner SV – BVB: Sixth division hits surprised – new signing hits

BVB has started the pre-season and now has the first friendly ahead of it: Luener SV – Borussia Dortmund.

BVB coach Edin Terzic is missing the big names in the game Luener SV – Borussia Dortmund. Numerous talents and youngsters should get their chance for this. Before the test match, there was also good news that should please BVB fans.

Lüner SV – Borussia Dortmund in the live ticker

There is good news for all fans who cannot follow the game on site: all important information about the game Luener SV – Borussia Dortmund is available in our live ticker.


Luener SV – Borussia Dortmund | game info

  • Kick-off: Tuesday, July 5, 7 p.m
  • Stadium: Stadium Schwansbell (Lünen)


List of BVB

Borussia Dortmund: Meyer – Hummels (46th Fink), Moukoko (46th Semic), Passlack (69th Dahoud), Rothe, Aning, Michel (69th Rijkhoff), Collins, Gürpüz (69th Simic), Papadopoulos, Njinmah (46th camera)


Lüner SV – Borussia Dortmund 1: 3 (0: 1)

Goals: 0: 1 Aning (45th), 0: 2 Fink (54th), 0: 3 Gürpüz (62nd), 1: 3 Anafai (78th)

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FINAL WHISTLE! Borussia Dortmund struggled in the first test match of the pre-season, but in the end they won 3-1 against Lüner SV.

84. The last few minutes are running. It doesn’t matter how the game ends, the Westphalian league will not soon forget this day. Goalscorer Anafai in particular will certainly sleep well today despite the defeat.

78. And there is actually the goal for Lüner SV! After a nice cross, Anafai heads to 1:3. Pure ecstasy at the sixth division club!

69. The next changes at BVB: Mo Dahoud, Noah Simic and Julian Rijkhoff are new. Felix Passlack, Göktan Gürpüz and Falko Michel go down.

62. Is BVB really getting started now? Gürpüz made it 3-0 for Borussia Dortmund after a nice pass.

54. That’s 2-0 for BVB! The Lünen keeper can still keep a Rothe header strong, but Fink dusts it off.

52. By the way, there were three changes: Hummels, Njinmah and Moukoko are out. Fink, Semic and Kamara are new to the game.

46. Let’s continue in Lünen! BVB starts the second half.

HALFTIME! BVB struggled for a long time because Lüner SV defended well and were waiting for a counterattack. The well-deserved goal came a few seconds before the half-time whistle from BVB talent Aning. In the second half there will be many new faces at BVB.

45. And there is the lead for BVB! Moukoko conquers the ball in the opponent’s penalty area and passes to newcomer Aning, who doesn’t give the goalkeeper a chance. The first goal for the black and yellow just before the half-time whistle.

33. After a little more than half an hour, the sixth division team is still zero. BVB is having a really hard time against Lüner SV.

25. The almost 3000 spectators in the Schwansbell stadium have to wait for the first goal. Lünen has defended it really well so far.

16. A little more than a quarter of an hour has passed and the sixth division team has been doing it for real so far. Meanwhile, BVB steps up a gear and finally wants the first goal.

8th. Not much has happened here yet. Lüner SV plays bravely and tries to create chances to score.

1. kick-off! Lünen starts the first half in the red jerseys from left to right.

6:58 p.m: The two teams are ready. Then it finally starts.

6:17 p.m.: The line-up for the first half is here. This is how BVB starts: Meyer, Hummels, Moukoko, Passlack, Rothe, Aning, Michel, Collins, Gürpüz, Papadopoulos, Njinmah.

3:56 p.mr: New signings like Niklas Süle, Nico Schlotterbeck or Karim Adeyemi will miss the first friendly because they won’t start training until the end of the week. There will be several talents from U19 and U23 in the squad.

2:35 p.m: Before the game, BVB posted a video on Twitter that made the fans jump for joy. Marco Reus has started training at Borussia Dortmund after recovering from a muscle fiber tear. BVB distributed videos on Tuesday that showed the captain in an individual session with the ball at his feet. Reus had suffered the injury in June with the national team. “We missed him”, “It’s so nice that he’s back” and “Now we can finally start”, say the comments from the BVB fans on Twitter.

1:15 p.m: Kick-off against Lüner SV is on Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the Schwansbell stadium. If you can’t go to the stadium, you don’t have to worry. The game will be shown live on TV (all information here).


Current BVB news:


12:34 p.m: The match against Lünen is the first of a total of five friendlies in the next three weeks. Directly after the friendly, the game continues on Saturday (July 9) against Dynamo Dresden, who have been relegated to the second division. Then BVB will make a guest appearance at SC Verl (July 14). Two friendly matches against LaLiga teams will take place at the training camp in Bad Regaz: on Monday 18 July against FC Valencia and on Monday 22 July against FC Villarreal.

12:04 p.m: Hello and welcome to the live ticker of the Lüner SV vs. Borussia Dortmund match. Here you can find all the information about the Black and Yellows’ first friendly.

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