Marjorie Taylor Greene poked fun at her definition of a woman — the “weaker sex” created from Adam’s rib

Marjorie Taylor Greene has been ridiculed on social media for promoting outdated notions of gender with her definition of a woman.

“I’m going to tell you now what a woman is,” she said in a speech to the Georgia Republican Assembly over the weekend.

“We came from Adam’s rib. God created us with his hands. We may be the weaker sex, we are the weaker sex, but we are our partner’s wife, our husband’s wife.”

Ms Taylor Greene said this in response to an interaction of Supreme Court nominee Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s hearing last month.

The judge declined to answer Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn’s question about the definition of a woman. Ms Brown Jackson had simply said it wasn’t right for her as she was “not a biologist”.

Ms Taylor Greene offered her own explanation after referring to it.

“She said she wasn’t a biologist,” the congresswoman said. “Let me tell you right now what a woman is. This is a simple answer. We are a creation of God.”

Soon, hundreds of people took to social media to criticize Ms Taylor Greene.

One user wrote on Twitter: “Gah sorry but it’s all so iconic… There’s no place in society for them other than QANON. They and their kind must all be in a locked ward.”

Another user said: “Weaker? submissive? Do you want to live like this? Fine. Most women I know find the idea demeaning and offensive. In my opinion, it is also not the best man to wish for such a partner. A strong woman is a great woman.”

Many users have criticized the Republican for “setting women’s rights movements back decades” by claiming that women are weaker than men.

One user said: “Women are not the weaker sex, in fact we can take a lot more pain than men, we can outsmart most men, we don’t come from a damn rib AND we are equal to men not just as our man’s wives.” , but be identified as equal partners.”

Another user wrote: “What’s the most shocking? “Adam’s rib?” And Madison Cawthorn is trying to pose as a biologist??? These people live in a time of centuries… not just decades… behind reality.”

This user was referring to far-right Congressman Madison Cawthorn, who shows no sign of stopping his barrage of controversial or offensive comments. On Monday, he took his rhetoric a step further with an odd choice of words used to define a biological woman during a speech indoors.

Mr. Cawthorn attacked the Democrats for protecting transgender people from discrimination while offering his own definition of a biological woman.

“Take notes, Madame Speaker. I’m about to define what a woman is to you. XX chromosomes, no tallywhacker. It’s so simple,” said Mr. Cawthorn.

The euphemism the congressman used to describe the genitals sparked immediate reactions from commentators on social media who questioned the 26-year-old congressman’s choice of words.

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