Mass Effect 3 character flaws caused by furniture

10 years after its initial release, players are still finding hilarious bugs in Mass Effect 3 that are changing what it means to be human in the Milky Way.

the mass effect series are no strangers to unusual glitches. Even 10 years later Mass Effect 3‘s release, the same old charming bugs will remain intact. BioWare has made significant strides in fixing decades-old bugs and much-needed gameplay improvements with the release of the 2021 Legendary Edition, which improves the graphical fidelity of the original trilogy for the latest generation of consoles.

However, not everything has changed; From enemies screaming endlessly to Commander Shepard’s eyes spinning in her skull, it’s clear that the Legendary Edition left a lot unfixed. Such an unpatched bug feature Mass Effect 3The background characters from collide with furniture.


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User Millennial_falcon92 posted to the r/masseffect subreddit an image of a character going through a counter at the Citadel’s Huerta Memorial Hospital. The doctor, who was clearly meant to be interacting with the microscope in front of her, sticks inside the device instead and gives Shepard an alarmingly concerned look. Thanks to mass effect‘s outdated generation of characters, her face appears strangely distorted, almost as if she were aware of her particular situation.

Commenters like u/Blayn_mines liken the bug to Mass Effect 3‘s “Synthesis Ending”, in which the organic races of the Milky Way merge with the synthetic, rendering the Reapers obsolete. User JuicyLucy141 achieves a similar epiphany, emphasizing that this is the “perfection” that Harbinger, leader of the Reaper armada and main antagonist of, seeks mass effect 2aimed at wiping out organic life throughout the galaxy.

Millennial_falcon92 goes on to say that they “can say it with confidence ME3 is the most buggy in the Legendary Edition”, with u/dudeN7 saying it’s hardly surprising given how “the game itself was extremely rushed”. This reflects the sense of disappointment felt by many fans in the mass effect fanbase. After Mass Effect 3‘s highly controversial release, the comedic farce that was Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s facial animations as well anthem‘s slow and silent demolition, it’s hard not to feel like BioWare, once an industry titan, is burning out.

Hours of crunching and reworking over the last few years have produced products that are widely perceived as inferior and rushed. While bugs are fun to laugh at when they appear – and although they appear in every game, no matter how elaborate – they can also be the harbinger of abuse in the workplace. with mass effect 4 currently in development, players can only hope that similarly fun bugs surface, but not at the expense of the developers’ hard work.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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