Mass Effect 3 clip shows just how overpowered the silenced pistol can be

DLC weapons present an interesting dilemma for game designers. On the one hand, they must be useful enough to be enticing. On the other hand, if they are too powerful, they effectively make the game pay-to-win. Some DLC weapons, such as B. a few of Mass Effect 3, are so overwhelmed that they render almost everything else useless by comparison.

mass effect is no stranger to overpowered DLC weapons like the M12 Locust submachine gun from Mass Effect 2 and the N7 Typhoon light machine gun Mass Effect 3. However, some consider Mass Effect 3 Officially dubbed the M-11 Suppressor, the Silenced Pistol is considered one of the most powerful weapons in the trilogy.


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Reddit user YourSpookyStudent demonstrated this fact in a clip recently uploaded to the Mass Effect subreddit. The clip shows a few seconds of gameplay Mass Effect 3 Climax. Armed with the Suppressor, Commander Shepard manages to take down two of the game’s most dangerous enemies in a matter of seconds. The first, a massive Brute, goes down in less than three seconds, well before it can even cause any inconvenience to the player’s squad. Shepard then spins around and kills one of the dragon-like Harvesters so quickly that the animations are glitched.

Mass Effect 3 Brutes and Harvesters are both introduced as boss enemies and act as recurring mini-bosses throughout the rest of the game. However, there is also no match for the Silenced Pistol introduced in the Citadel DLC to the Mass Effect 3. It’s easy to see why the weapon is so powerful when you look at its stats. Each shot with the Silenced Pistol deals about half the damage of Mass Effect 3 powerful Carnifex hand cannon but with a multiple rate of fire. The weapon also deals four times the typical headshot damage, making it even deadlier in the right hands. Combined with a high-level character’s armor-piercing ammo ability, The Suppressor can smash through Reaper enemies with ease.

Although not used as such in the clip, a popular strategy is to scope the M-11 Mass Effect 3 Weapon Modification System. The pistol is accurate enough that some players use it as a miniature sniper rifle. The gun’s silencer also means many enemies don’t even hear Shepard coming. If anything, it could be argued that YourSpookyStudent’s clip understates just how overpowered the M-11 Suppressor is Mass Effect 3.

Players can unlock the Silenced Pistol for free at the start of Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC included in the Mass Effect legendary edition. While it’s arguable whether the Suppressor is overpowered or just plain powerful, many consider it the best pistol in the game. Legendary players swear by it, and it wouldn’t be surprising if more than a few made their way citadel just to get my hands on the Silenced Pistol.

Mass Effect 3 is available for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Wii U.

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