Minecraft player makes amazing working rocket

A Minecraft player uses redstone, pistons and other parts to build a rocket ship that gives a very realistic illusion of flight.

For many players Minecraft is the pinnacle of sandbox gaming and one of the most iconic games in history. Minecraft Not only has it lasted over a decade, but its accessibility, simple style, and nearly limitless scope for creativity has established it as the perfect game for anyone trying to build a masterpiece.

The type of masterpiece is also irrelevant as the game allows players to build huge structures, stunning works of art or incredible redstone machines. Simple but beautiful creations like a Minecraft Indoor aquariums can coexist with incredibly complicated creations like fully functional calculators.


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However, many consider the more complex creations to be more impressive, leading to constant innovation from the community as they try to surpass the latest creation. That leads to insane creations like a full mobile Minecraft Tank capable of launching TNT among other fantastic creations. Recently, a Reddit post captured another incredible piece of the Redstone machinery in the form of a rocket ship that could actually take off into the air.

Reddit user sleeping_Prince was the rocket’s creator, and her clip captured the moment as it rocketed into the air. Although it may look awkward at first due to the movement it makes when taking off, anyone who has seen Redstone vehicles can immediately see the vehicle’s ingenuity; The reason each piece moves independently is due to pistons constantly pushing them into the air, giving the illusion of a flying rocket. The reality is that the rocket is a structure like a massif Minecraft medieval city but the pistons move it up block by block so it looks like it’s flying.

Reddit users loved the rocket creation and lots of jokes about the structure. One user joked that rocket scientists probably can’t stand such a simple rocket launch. Another user referred to a classic toy story line and said that the rocket did not fly, but climbed in style. Other users were impressed by the fact that the rocket was a redstone structure and not a programmed part; sleeping_Prince assured commenters that the rocket was in fact a built piece and not a programmed one.

Whether or not the rocket had been programmed would not have changed the fact that the rocket is an impressive work. As fans of the game, keep making masterpieces like realistic drawing Minecraft‘s Steve, so players will continue to create amazing works like sleeping_Prince’s amazing rocket.

Minecraft is now available on mobile, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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