Morbius has a rating of just 20 percent on Rotten Tomatoes

This week is a big one for Marvel, both on the big and small screens. The newest TV show in the MCU, Moon Knight, debuted on Disney+ on Wednesday night. Reactions to the first episode seem to be overwhelmingly positive as it casts a tantalizing mystery about a brand new character for the upcoming episodes. Today also marks the arrival of Sony Marvel’s Morbius, and Jared Leto’s latest film hasn’t been received quite as warmly.

Morbius hits theaters today, and since a number of people in the film industry have already seen it and published their reviews, its score on Rotten Tomatoes has already started to take shape. A few hours later, it makes for quite somber reading. As of the writing of this story, it’s a low 20 percent. That’s actually a slight improvement from a few hours ago when it was an even lower 16 percent.


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Not a good start in life for Morbius, and an even worse one when compared to the results of Marvel’s Eternals at the end of 2021. Marvel fans have all grappled with the fact that the MCU film garnered a 57 percent rating shortly after reviews of the film began to plummet, a score Sony and the creators of Morbius would probably kill for now. Eternals’ score has since dropped to 47 percent, which is another worrying sign of Morbius.

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It’s entirely possible, of course, that Morbius’ score will continue to rise as the reviews roll in, and there’s still the audience score to consider. Eternals’ fan rating looks a lot better at 78 percent, and while reviews can make or break a film, what the general public thinks about it really matters. That value won’t be there for a while, and it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on to see if the detractor’s value continues to rise or fall back below 20 percent.

The news surrounding Morbius ahead of its release didn’t put the film in the best light. Its credit scene has been called the worst ever, and for some bizarre reason, the film’s director decided to spoil key plot points long before the film hit theaters. It also has the daunting task of satisfying superhero fans who are still flying on high after seeing The Batman and eagerly awaiting the arrival of Multiverse Of Madness.

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