"Music of the Spheres World Tour" opening concert Europe: Coldplay give heavenly feel-good concert in Frankfurt | hessenschau.de - Bark Sedov
“Music of the Spheres World Tour” opening concert Europe: Coldplay give heavenly feel-good concert in Frankfurt |  hessenschau.de

“Music of the Spheres World Tour” opening concert Europe: Coldplay give heavenly feel-good concert in Frankfurt | hessenschau.de

“Music of the Spheres World Tour” opening concert Europe: Coldplay give heavenly feel-good concert in Frankfurt |  hessenschau.de

Like colorful popcorn cinema with sweet cola: On Saturday evening, Coldplay burned off a firework display of good humor in Frankfurt. 50,000 guests celebrate two dozen hits and life.

Sold out, just a few minutes after ticket sales started last year in the middle of Corona: The British band Coldplay moves the masses, in this case on Saturday evening in the Frankfurt stadium.

With “Higher Power” from the current album “Music of the Spheres”, which also gave the tour its name, the show opened shortly before 9 p.m. It wasn’t dark then, but it really got that way as the tour progressed of the concert not. Lead singer Chris Martin shines too brightly from the stage into the big group with his out of this world good mood.

In Frankfurt, the four Brits are giving the first European and German concert of their world tour, one of two in a row, the third in Frankfurt will follow on Tuesday. Coldplay have been one of the most commercially successful bands in the world for years, so three shows go in one place, or nine, like in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Chris plays mom’s favorite song

Coldplay deliver a colorful mix of almost all of the nine studio albums, all of which have gone gold or platinum several times and have sold a total of over 70 million copies – so they are immensely popular and well-known. And so it feels like all 50,000 visitors sing along to the catchy tunes, whether it’s “Higher Power”, “People of the Pride” or “My Universe” from the latest album, and of course mega hits like “Viva la Vida”. the year 2008, “Yellow” – already over 20 years old – or “Paradise”, the hit to sway along from 2011. “Sparks” is dedicated to Chris Martin’s mother, her favorite song, and Mama is apparently also in the audience.

Fire fountains erupt on the stage, colorful videos and animations run on a semi-circular screen. A circular screen floats high above the stage and shows Martin and the band in action up close. All spectators wear flashing wristbands, which were distributed at the entrance and are controlled by the event technology. They transform the entire stadium into a changing sea of ​​lights that cell phone lamps could never do. According to the motto: More is more is a sea of ​​lights.

Coldplay in Frankfurt

Confetti, colorful lights, crying people

The stage stretches far into the arena with a catwalk, where Martin can make a good run in his colorful high-tech sports clothes. Everything is colorful, big and constantly moving. A rainbow-colored wall of confetti explodes along the runway during “Hymn for the Weekend,” not the only confetti bomb of the night. Sometimes the band wears helmets that make them look like extraterrestrials, sometimes video animations run with herds of machine people.

With “Clocks”, the Coldplay hit icon par excellence, there is a green laser show from the stage to the audience, couples in their 50s take ecstatic selfies, two little girls in light blue dresses jump screaming in their seats next to their parents, a young man holds his head very still in his hands, his girlfriend comforts him, he cries. Insanity. A couple, clearly elderly, in snappy band shirts smile at each other, both with cotton in their ears. It’s noisy. Very loud.

“Frankfurt, good, huh?”

Lead singer Chris Martin is the shining light in the whole spectacle, he jumps, runs, sings and sweats through three T-shirts with great energy, his band with Jonny Buckland, Will Champion and Guy Berryman gives the 45-year-old a stable framework. The stadium trembles from the not perfectly controlled bass, fortunately the technology adjusted again after the opening act HER, something had slipped, so that people covered their ears because of the horribly painful sound close to the physical injury.

The frontman talks to his audience in a relaxed and cheerful manner, greets Frankfurt in German and actually calls out “ei gude, eh?” In the round. In “Sky full of Stars” Martin asks everyone to put their cell phones away and just enjoy the moment, “right now, right here”, sometimes it’s good to just be human. And it was also good that everyone wore their luminous bracelet, so “Sky full of Stars” didn’t have to do without a sea of ​​​​stars – on the contrary.

Finale with pink Kermit sister

The charming moment of the evening was certainly when Martin presented “Magic” – sung entirely in German. “Are you asking me, do I believe in Magic? Of course, yes!” Sounds kind of like hits, but so incredibly nice and friendly, by then everyone has immersed themselves in the sphere and are partying in the Coldplay universe.

Coldplay give their fans two dozen songs, “Fix you”, “Humankind” and the brand new “Biutyful” come as an encore to the grand finale with fireworks, confetti rain and a flashing sea of ​​lights. Coldplay recorded the song with the fictional alien puppet band The Weirdos. Singer Angel Moon sings a duet with Chris Martin on stage, she looks like a pink Kermit. No wonder, it comes from the Muppets dad Jim Henson. And so this finale is a bit like from another world – or sphere. Music of the Spheres.

Further information

Coldplay’s sustainability promise

In 2019, Coldplay promised not to tour again until it was more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Now they operate the entire tour with renewable energies such as solar power from the respective venue. A kinetic stadium floor allows dancing and jumping fans to generate some of the energy themselves. There should be as few plastic bottles as possible and a tree should be planted for every ticket sold. With these and other ideas for sustainability, the “Music of the Spheres World Tour” is said to be one of the most environmentally friendly tours in music history.

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