New Fortnite leak suggests Darth Vader from Star Wars could be coming to the game

According to footage from the State of Unreal event, the Dark Lord of the Sith may be coming to Fortnite in another Star Wars crossover.

fortnite darth vader star wars featured

Fourteen days is no stranger to crossovers. Lastly, Epic Games’ Battle Royale adds Ezio and Eivor – two fan-favorite protagonists Assassin’s Creed Franchise – In game April 7th. It’s been a busy year for Fourteen daysas the game continues to add multiple pop culture icons like Marvel’s Doctor Strange and may look to add even more in 2022.

There’s no doubt that Epic Games has done a wondrous job of maintenance Fourteen days Since then, the game has become a smashing success, and its numerous well-implemented crossovers have played a key role in growing Epic Games into an $8 billion business. Rumors are circulating on social media that a new collaboration with Disney could be in the works and that the new addition to the game could be from a galaxy far, far away.


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According to a tweet from iFireMonkey, which surfaced at the State of Unreal event hosted by Epic Games today, which launched the Unreal Engine 5, the second monitor showed a Fourteen days Game folder hinting at possible future crossovers, with mentions of Family Guy, demiseIndiana Jones and even the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader.

It would hardly be the first time Fourteen days has a collaboration with the war of stars franchise as the game famously featured the return of Emperor Palpatine during a limited time war of stars Fourteen days Event that premiered shortly before The Rise of Skywalker. Since then, Epic Games has added many war of stars Content about the game, with the latest Fourteen days Inclusions are Fennec Shand and towering Wookiee Krrsantan from the Book by Boba Fett.

The game itself has also received a dramatic shake in what it can offer its players beyond collaborative events and cosmetics Fourteen days launched a Zero Build mode that removed one of the game’s cornerstones from its gameplay. A feature that was often requested by gamers before its official release and popular streamers like Dr. DisRespect believe they have yet to reach their full potential. Zero Build mode proves that the developers at Epic Games aren’t ready to let the game go stale just yet.

Needless to say, the nature of IP has proven to be a relatively blank canvas Fortnite’s greatest strengths, as it has enabled Epic Games to easily work with many companies to seamlessly integrate their intellectual property into the game.

Fourteen days is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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