Nintendo Switch Console Update 14.1.0 is now available

The Nintendo Switch is getting a new firmware update that brings the system to 14.1.0 and adds some new notification features.


Like Microsoft and Sony, Nintendo regularly releases updates for its hybrid console Nintendo Switch. Some changes are smaller than others, but each firmware update usually brings system improvements of some sort, whether it’s simply improving stability or adding new features.

The latest firmware update for Nintendo Switch has now been announced and the full patch notes are available. This update brings the Switch to version 14.1.0.

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The Nintendo Switch update adds some new features this time. Previously, Nintendo added new ways to earn Platinum Points by completing Nintendo Switch Online missions on console. These points can potentially expire, so the Nintendo Switch will now notify users when some of their Platinum Points are no longer being used, allowing users to use them instead of letting them slip away. However, players can choose to opt out of the notifications if they prefer.

To coincide with this update, Nintendo has also added some new Nintendo Switch icons to the Platinum Points custom icon collection. A total of 16 symbols have been added, eight of which are from Animal Crossing: New Horizonsand the other half of turn 2. While both games previously had icons available to users, they are images of characters and illustrations that were unusable in the past. Players can acquire these symbols anytime before May 1st, so users who have some free platinum points or need to earn some will want to get to work soon.

Unfortunately, those who were hoping for major changes to the Nintendo Switch interface are out of luck here. This is often the case since the Nintendo Switch hasn’t seen many massive changes since it was first released. Fans of the console have been largely happy with it, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to see further improvements. Many are still hoping that Nintendo will eventually introduce themes to further personalize the Nintendo Switch, and this could theoretically tie into the existing Platinum Points system.

The Nintendo Switch is definitely more limited than its competitors in some ways, and that doesn’t seem to be changing. In addition to theme complaints, users can’t effectively organize Nintendo Switch games on their home screen, and there’s no way to communicate directly with other players unless a game allows the option, with no ability to allow friends outside of it notify. For now, players will just have to wait and see if Nintendo fulfills its fans’ wishes.

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