Nursing – Opportunities for development, participation and creativity in everyday life

Nursing – Opportunities for development, participation and creativity in everyday life

Jun 20, 2022 | management

Current studies show: Employees in the outpatient field (especially the younger ones) want more development opportunities, participation and creativity in everyday life. It’s not about a career, it’s about “more shapes”! Management consultant Karla Kämmer gives suggestions on how this can be achieved.

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Increased economic pressure usually means that systems of effectiveness, uniformity and goal fulfillment create ever tighter knots of processes and meticulous planning, even in outpatient companies.

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More planning, meticulous controls, stricter rules and more and more precisely specified processes are now also the order of the day in outpatient care. In lean companies, everything has to go as planned, regardless of whether a gear fails, a person makes mistakes or customers report unplanned needs.

As Karla Kämmer, owner of the Karla Kämmer consulting company, writes in the June issue of Home Care, the control systems have stupidly become independent and meanwhile often consume more time and energy than they generate in terms of quality and joy.

Ideas and conceptions of alternatives

For anything that requires flexibility and creativity, “more of the same” points in the wrong direction. Instead, it must mean questioning one’s own ways of thinking and beliefs without really knowing how things can be done differently, e.g. B. that there can be success without formal hierarchies, that functional division is not necessary even in a production company, that employees’ contributions are recognized without paying them bonuses. Without these ideas and conceptions of alternatives, no energy for change can arise.

Read the full article in the current issue of Home Care.

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