Oksana Baulina: Russian journalist killed in shelling in Ukraine as her boss condemns ‘war crimes’

A Russian journalist has been killed in a Russian shelling while filming damage to a shopping center in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv.

Oksana Baulina died along with another civilian on Wednesday while covering the destruction caused by earlier shelling in the Podil district for an independent Russian news website The Insider.

Two other people accompanying the reporter were also injured and hospitalized during the attack.

Mrs. Baulina’s bosses at The Insider condemned her death as a “war crime”.

They said in a statement: “The insider offers his deepest condolences to Oksana’s family and friends.

“We will continue to report on the war in Ukraine, including Russian war crimes such as indiscriminate shelling of residential areas, resulting in the deaths of civilians and journalists.”

Ms Baulina previously worked for Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s anti-corruption foundation but had left Russia.

Russian journalist Oksana Baulina previously worked for the anti-corruption foundation of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny

(Pavel Golovkin/AP)

Last year the foundation was declared illegal by the authorities and branded as extremist, forcing many of its employees to flee abroad.

The journalist managed to send several reports from the Ukrainian cities of Lviv and Kyiv before her death.

She is believed to be at least the fifth journalist to die since Russia invaded Ukraine a month ago.

Russian Oksana Baulina is believed to be the fifth journalist to be killed since Russia invaded Ukraine

(Oksana Baulina/Facebook/via Reuters)

On March 1, cameraman Yevhenii Sakun was killed when a TV tower in Kyiv was shelled.

A fortnight later, award-winning American filmmaker Brent Renaud, 50, was shot dead while filming in Irpin, on the outskirts of Kyiv.

And just two days later, two Fox News journalists – cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski, 55, and Oleksandra Kuvshinova, 24 – were killed when their vehicle was struck by an approaching fire on the outskirts of Kyiv.

Disturbing footage earlier this month showed the moment two British journalists were shot dead after coming under fire in a violent ambush in Ukraine.

Sky News chief correspondent Stuart Ramsay was hit by a bullet in the lower back on Monday when gunfire rained on a car transporting its crew towards Kyiv.

Cameraman Richie Mockler was hit by two bullets in his body armor before the team managed to escape and duck for cover. They were later rescued by Ukrainian police.

The attack is believed to have been carried out by a Russian reconnaissance troop saboteur.

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