Oliver Pocher moved to tears: "That rarely happens" - Bark Sedov
Oliver Pocher moved to tears: “That rarely happens”

Oliver Pocher moved to tears: “That rarely happens”

Oliver Pocher moved to tears: “That rarely happens”

Oliver Pocher gets emotional after a concert experience.

Oliver Pocher gets emotional after a concert experience.Image: oliverpocher/instagram

Oliver Pocher often uses his social media presence to denounce the controversial behavior of various influencers, but every now and then the comedian also radiates clearly positive vibes virtually. It was the same on Sunday evening when the 44-year-old spoke up immediately after a unique concert experience and had tears in his eyes. However, even in this blissful moment he could not resist a dig.

Oliver Pocher moved to tears by Queen and Adam Lambert

The still active members of the cult band Queen (the bassist John Deacon is still retired) are currently touring through Germany with the US singer Adam Lambert and are reviving some of the glorious times. Quite a few believe that Lambert represents the late Freddy Mercury worthy, if not in the best possible way.

And Oliver Pocher was also very impressed after the performance as part of the Rhapsody Tour on Sunday in Cologne. In his Instagram story, the comedian shared short excerpts from the hits “Radio Ga Ga”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “We Will Rock You” and “We Are the Champions”. His conclusion:

“Wow! If you have to cry during the concert…”

The appearance of Adam Lambert and Queen moved Pocher to tears.

The appearance of Adam Lambert and Queen moved Pocher to tears.Image: oliverpocher/instagram

Afterwards, Pocher even put himself in front of the camera again to express his enthusiasm. Visibly touched, he enthused: “Well, folks, it rarely happens that I have to start crying at a concert. So it was really awesome. Queen, simply legends. Great to see that again.”

Pocher with German rap swip

If Pocher has his way, there could be more events like this. In any case, in comparison, he is not so good at speaking about a certain genre of music: “I ask myself that at a lot of concerts… well, German rap has to exist too”the entertainer teased at the end of his statement.

By the way: Pocher’s wife Amira was also present at the Queen and Adam Lambert concert. She also shared impressions from the Lanxess Arena in Cologne on social media and was obviously just as touched as her husband. “Oh God! Got pee in my eyes,” was her comment on the spectacle. As a bonus, there was a short clip in which Amira really freaked out with joy in her seat. That’s what you call a successful evening.

Amira Pocher escalates at the concert.

Amira Pocher escalates at the concert.Image: evi___i/instagram


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