PC company goes bankrupt after disastrous action on Twitch – Now they sell off hardware they wanted to give away

PC company goes bankrupt after disastrous action on Twitch – Now they sell off hardware they wanted to give away

In 59 seconds, a boss destroyed his PC company. Now the hardware that he wanted to give away in a campaign is being auctioned off. This ends the inglorious story behind the company “Artesian Builds.”

A year ago, the company “Artesian Builds” was still one of the big flagship companies if you wanted a gaming PC. Many sponsors and streamers were behind the company. But that changed radically in March 2022.

Now the remaining parts of the company are being sold. But what actually happened that it could come to this?

The head of a PC company behaves badly towards a streamer

What kind of company is this? The head of the company “Artesian Builds”, Noah Katz, raffled a gaming PC live on Twitch in early March 2022, which a small Twitch streamer won. But Katz felt the winner was too insignificant and hadn’t yet generated sales as a brand ambassador, so he ruled her out.

But the whole action backfired for “Artesian Builds”: Because the streamer was outraged on her social media channels. An avalanche of anger descended on the company. A classic shitstorm.

Finally, on March 9th, Artesian Builds stopped selling and wanted to start again.

The employees had also considered whether they should buy and continue running the company themselves. Because the big villain was quickly identified as CEO Noah Katz. But nothing should come of it now.

These are the momentous seconds on Twitch:

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PC company’s hardware is auctioned off to pay off debt

What exactly happened? As announced in a tweet, Artesian Builds will be auctioning off the rest of its inventory to pay off its debt. The auction is scheduled to begin on June 21, 2022.

The tweet lists the official court order and a link to a Dropbox folder with official documents. Here you can also see exactly what will be auctioned (via pcgamer.com):

  • A total of hundreds of components will be auctioned off, including graphics cards, coolers, processors and computer cases. Even half-finished computers are among the objects.
  • In addition, the websites, addresses and, above all, the “Artesian Builds” brand will be auctioned off.

The gaming systems that were originally intended to be given away in the stream at the time will also be auctioned off among the offers.

Story about the boss who ruined his company in 59 seconds on Twitch just keeps getting weirder

Who could buy the stuff? The well-known Twitch streamer Trainwreck tweeted after the crisis began and said he wanted to take over the company and run it “properly”.

Whether that was just a loose allegation at the time or was actually meant seriously, we can’t tell you. Should Trainwreck actually buy the company, he would at least have enough money available:

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