Pokémon GO: Niantic accidentally gave away the hyper bonuses - Bark Sedov
Pokémon GO: Niantic accidentally gave away the hyper bonuses

Pokémon GO: Niantic accidentally gave away the hyper bonuses

Pokémon GO: Niantic accidentally gave away the hyper bonuses

Niantic actually wanted to reveal the new hyper bonuses for Pokémon GO later, but they have now been betrayed by an error. We’ll show you what bonuses they are.

What are these bonuses? Starting July 6th, Pokémon GO will be celebrating its big 6th Anniversary Event. The game was released on July 6th, 2016. To mark the occasion, there are special hyper bonuses that you can unlock yourself. The developers initially kept the contents secret. But the information accidentally leaked out.

On reddit, a user shared the bonuses and gives an insight into what will happen to you in the next few weeks. If you don’t want to be spoiled by spoilers, you should stop reading here. Here’s how two incredibly lucky Trainers got Niantic to disable the swap feature.

Hyper bonuses known for birthday event

Where does the information come from? On the night of July 2nd, trainer Razzspoons posted on reddit that Niantic accidentally “leaked” the hyper bonuses for the birthday event. The user explains that dataminers became aware of a new blog post that looked like the birthday event blog post. However, the additional details of the hyper bonus were on it.

Users took screenshots before Niantic could delete the blog post. Apparently he accidentally went online too early.

What’s in it? The following information can be seen in the leaked images:

  • Anniversary Event Hyper Bonuses (July 6th – July 12th)
  • Grillmak will spawn in the wild and in raids around the world. You even have the chance to catch a Shiny
  • Special research for the Anniversary Event that rewards you with Washing Rotom
  • Battle Weekend Hyper Bonus:
    • Team GO Rocket balloons appear every 2 hours
    • 5x Stardust from Battle League rewards
    • One additional raid pass per day
    • 50% more experience points from raids
    • For defeating Rocket Grunts, you will receive two Mystery Parts
    • 50% more Stardust for defeating Rocket Grunts
    • Encounter Legendary Pokémon at Rank 16 in Battle League Rewards
  • Battle Weekend Development Bonus (July 9th – July 10th)
    • If you evolve certain Pokémon during the Battle Weekend, their evolutions will learn moves that they were able to learn at previous events
    • Flora Statue: Bulbasaur to Bulbasaur, Endive to Meganium, Geckarbor to Gewaldro, Chelast to Torterrar, Serpivy to Serpiroyal
    • Blaze Cannonade: Charmander to Charizard, Fierygel to Tornupto, Flemmli to Blazecock, Panflam to Panferno, Floink to Flambirex
    • Aqua Howitzer: Squirtle to Turtok, Karnimani to Impergator, Hydropi to Sumpex, Plinfa to Empoleon, Ottaro to Admurai
    • Breath of Fire: Charmander to Charizard

What do the coaches say about this? The leaked hyper bonuses are particularly well received on reddit. Trainers are excited that popular C-Day moves are making a “return” and are once again available for Pokémon to learn. Some of them are really strong and can boost your Pokémon well. In general, trainer bonuses are considered good rather than bad.

How are you all doing? Would you like these bonuses if they are actually implemented in the game? Or were you looking forward to something else? Keep in mind that the information from the leak is not official and could change before the announcement.

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