Pokemon Scarlet and Violet ‘Leak’ Claims to Reveal Details on Legendaries, Starter Evolutions and More

Whenever Nintendo announces a new main series Pokemon games, the internet is being flooded with real and fake leaks as to what they will entail. The same applies to Pokemon Scarlet and Violetthe recently revealed main series Pokemon Games slated for release later this year for the Nintendo Switch. New leaks and rumors about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet pop up every day, although some are more believable than others.

The newest Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Leak originated on 4chan before making its way to Reddit. While one could normally dismiss 4chan leaks completely, it should be noted that the Pokemon Series has a history of legitimate leaks originating from the controversial site. In fact, many exactly Pokemon Sword and Shield Leaks came from 4chan, so while fans should still treat this information with a massive grain of salt, it’s still worth a look.


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As far as Pokemon Leaks go, this latest keeps things fairly within the realm of possibility. It claims that the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Region will have two competing schools, with the professor serving dual duties as headmaster for the school the player character is assigned to. The “leak” claims that players will have two rivals – one from their own school and one from the rival school, with the rival school’s principal acting as the main antagonist.

The supposed leak also claims to reveal details about the final developments for the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Starters saying that Sprigatito evolves into a Grass/Electric type while Fuecoco evolves into a Fire/Dragon type. It is also claimed that Quaxly eventually evolves from aquatic type into a water-fighting type. It seems highly unlikely that any of the starters will end up with dragons as their second type, so this is a red flag that this particular leak is fake.

Based on that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet “Leak” is kind of real, it also touches on what fans can expect from the legendary Pokemon. The main Legendary Pokemon for the games are described as reptilian creatures, one being Fire/Fairy and the other being Psychic/Fairy. A third Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet said to be a “black wyvern with red eyes and bright red wings” who is a dragon/dark type.

As for regional variants, this leak claims they will be back Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, with Togetic and Togekiss getting Fairy/Bug-type variants, Vanillish and Vanilluxe getting Ice/Fighting-type variants, and Mawile getting a Steel/Dark-type variant. The leak also confirms theories about it Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s gameplay gimmick, suggesting there will be the ability to trade certain Pokemon or add types, fans have theorized.

There is no concrete evidence to support any of these claims, and so on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Fans should keep their expectations in check. However, once Game Freak and Nintendo decide to reveal more about the games, it will definitely be interesting to see how accurate those so-called “leaks” were.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released for Nintendo Switch in late 2022.

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