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Rivals of Aether Sequel in development

As Rivals of Aether releases updates and continues to grow, Aether Studios is releasing a surprise reveal trailer for a sequel that is still in development.

Rivals 2 Zetterburn Wrastor

In the fighting game genre, sometimes the key to success is creating a unique niche for yourself rivals of the ether it worked out very well. An indie game designed to reflect the gameplay of Super Smash Bros., rivals of the ether won the hearts of platform fighting fans worldwide and continued to release updates until 2022.

While the game worked with a specific formula that was made rivals of the ether a perfect game for smash bros Fans managed to reinvent the gameplay of this series. Instead of revolving around quick hits, grabs and shields, rivals of the etherThe gameplay of is heavily combo-based and offensively oriented; With shields replaced by a highly skilled parry skill and combo strings that can quickly kill you, gameplay is fast-paced and intense from minute one.


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Even though rivals of the ether was a hidden gem in the fighting community among which the game thrived smashed Gamers and fighting players interested in the platform genre. Year after year, the game has grown in popularity, with an increasing presence at in-person tournaments and online events. Now, as the game continues to grow, Aether Studios have announced this competitors 2a sequel is in the works and scheduled for release in 2024.

This news is the biggest news for the game/series since rivals of the ether Announcing Nintendo Switch and ensuring a hopefully strong future for both the game and the platformer community. Comments immediately pointed out that the news was published on April 1st, but the post has been verified as correct by Aether Studios. The post includes a trailer that, while exciting, can be surprising and a little unnerving for longtime fans of the series.

For starters, the trailer immediately reveals that the game will switch from its unique, pixelated art style to a more traditional 3-D art style very similar to that of smashed games or Nickelodeon All Star Brawl. Then Zetterburn and Ranno appear, both of whom confirm them in the new title and show off their new 3D forms. Concerns surface soon after, however, when both shields and bars are confirmed for the game. These could cause some unease among longtime fans rivals of the ether since their removal is a focus of the game.

However, Dan Fornace and his team went above and beyond to ensure the first game lived up to expectations and satisfied players, going so far as to allow players to create their own characters such as: B. a wink rivals of the ether Nintendo Switch joycon character. If the efforts of the first indie title continue in the sequel, competitors 2 seems to be one of the first fighting games on the market at release.

competitors 2 is in development and is scheduled for release in 2024.

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