Robert Habeck does not rule out a tripling of the gas price - Bark Sedov
Robert Habeck does not rule out a tripling of the gas price

Robert Habeck does not rule out a tripling of the gas price

Robert Habeck does not rule out a tripling of the gas price

Social problem looms

Habeck sees a direct passing on of gas price increases to customers as a “double-edged sword”. If the prices are not passed on, the companies are in danger of “tipping over,” said Habeck in the ZDF “heute-journal”. A domino effect in the energy market must be prevented in any case. “One tool is passing on prices to customers. But… that’s a double-edged sword and a very sharp one.” This poses a major social problem.

The minister rejected financial government incentives for saving gas: In this serious socio-political situation, we have to help each other. “And if someone says I’ll only do it if I get 50 euros, I’d say: You won’t get it, old man.”

The Federal Minister of Economics had announced the next stage of the gas emergency plan, but the price adjustment clause required for the increases to be passed on has not yet been activated.

Federal Consumer Protection Minister Steffi Lemke has emphasized the priority of certain parts of society when it comes to gas supplies. “For me it is particularly important that in all stages of this emergency plan the supply of private households and social institutions such as hospitals is secured and they are particularly protected,” said the Green politician of the German Press Agency. The entire federal government is committed to this: “For the federal government, it is crucial that the energy supply in Germany remains secure.”

Verdi boss demands gas price cap

In view of the worsening gas crisis, the Greens member of the Bundestag and former Verdi boss Frank Bsirske has spoken out in favor of a gas price cap. “We need further relief, focused on lower and middle incomes because they are most affected by price developments,” Bsirske told the newspapers of the editorial network Germany (RND) on Friday. “A gas price cap would make sense to cover basic needs. This would also allow consumption to be controlled. So there would be an ecological steering effect.”

The general manager of the Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband, Ulrich Schneider, called on the federal governments to start “preparations for long-term aid” immediately in view of fears of further rising gas prices. “Waiting and then talking about something like the tank discount again is really absurd,” he told the RND newspapers.

The President of the German Tenants’ Association, Lukas Siebenkotten, called for relief for people on low incomes and for a moratorium on terminations to be imposed. “There will have to be government aid programs,” Siebenkotten told the RND newspapers. In addition, tenants must be protected against termination: “We are calling for a moratorium on termination that ensures that no one who cannot pay their utility bills on time due to sharply increased heating costs can be given notice.”

“Lehman Brothers effect” in the energy market

In view of the impending guest shortage, Habeck fears a domino effect leading to a severe recession. “The risk that energy suppliers may get into an economic situation where they can no longer borrow money on the market to buy gas” is high, said Habeck in the ARD daily topics according to the advance notice. It must be prevented “that they fall out of the market”.

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