Russian negotiator ‘made a mistake’ and offered concessions to Ukraine

Ramzan Kadyrov, the eccentric dictator of Russia’s puppet government in Chechnya, posted a tirade on social media on Wednesday slamming Russian negotiators for making too many concessions to Ukraine in peace talks. Kadyrov vowed that whatever that might be, his troops would fight the Ukrainians to the bitter end.

Kadyrovs tirade on telegram was apparently filmed in his office, where almost everything is gilded – right down to his desk accessories:

Kadyrov was previously derided for his habit of mixing incredibly expensive designer clothes into the pseudo-military uniforms he concerns. Its appalling record of human rights violations is no laughing matter. Even as Kadyrov committed thousands of his fighters to the Russian war effort, Chechens were banned from his regime allegedly flocked to Ukraine to fight for Kyiv, wanting a chance to kill Kadyrov loyalists.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin on Wednesday bestowed the rank of lieutenant general on Kadyrov in the Russian military for his contributions to the invasion of Ukraine — despite serving as the United Kingdom Guardian pointed out, there is little evidence that Chechen armed forces are making any significant contributions to front-line fighting.

“The presence of Kadyrov’s men, who are known for their extreme brutality, is most likely aimed at spreading fear as well as increasing the number of fighters,” he said Guardian suggested. “They can also take on other duties, some reportedly tasked with patrolling behind front-line forces and shooting deserters. Others have been tasked with interrogating civilians in the city — a dark specialty of Kadyrov’s supporters, who have a track record of torture and ill-treatment.”

Perhaps anxious to dispel these reports or to show his gratitude to Putin for the promotion, Kadyrov filmed his Telegram message railing against Russian negotiators for making concessions to Ukrainians. He swore he and his Chechen fighters would offer nothing.

Kadyrov calledaccording to a partial translation by Reuters, Russia’s chief negotiator Vladimir Medinsky “made a mistake” and used “wrong wording” when he announced on Tuesday that Russian forces would reduce military activity around Kyiv and other major Ukrainian cities as a gesture of de-escalation.

“If you think [Putin] finished what he started as it is presented to us today, that is not true,” Kadyrov insisted.

“If Kyiv does not come to us, then we must come to visit. As they say, if the mountain does not go to Mohammed, then Mohammed must go to the mountain,” Kadyrov said explainedand fought off reports that Russia is scaling back its war aims and may be content with only taking Ukraine’s troubled eastern provinces.

outside observers written down It was unusual for Kadyrov, who proudly describes himself as Putin’s “foot soldier,” to directly contradict the Putin regime and its negotiators. the Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI), however, pointed to similar outbursts by Kadyrov in 2018 when he disagreed with Moscow’s policy towards Myanmar. Kadyrov, a self-proclaimed warrior of Islam, thought The Russian government did not do enough to protect Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar from genocide.

FPRI suggested that Kadyrov is pushing for an all-out war in Ukraine because the Chechen economy is slowing down and he expects rewards from Putin for his loyal service — and perhaps because he feels great personal animosity towards Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who accused Kadyrov in 2014 had offended a comedy skit with a video showing him crying during prayer (Zelensky later reportedly apologized to the Muslim community for the segment).

Embarrassed Kadyrov even through on Monday post a photo of himself kneeling on a Muslim prayer rug at a gas station in the besieged Ukrainian city of Mariupol, machine gun at the ready. Unfortunately, observers noted that the brand of petrol advertised on signs behind him is not sold in Ukraine, strongly suggesting he took the photo somewhere in Russia.

Another bad news for Kadyrov, the mixed martial arts (MMA) organization he owns and finances, Absolute Championship Akhmat, announced On Thursday, all international events for the rest of this year were cancelled. The organization said the current “political situation” makes it impossible to hold events in other countries.

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