Shinji Mikami says there’s more of himself in God’s hands than there was in Resident Evil 4

Mikami believes he has two sides – the creator and the producer – and that the creator in God’s hands shined through more.

Resident Evil 4 VR first person view

Resident Evil 4 was a big change for the series in more ways than one. First, it took tank controls and applied them to an over-the-shoulder third-person perspective, ushering in a new era of action shooters. But it also changed drastically in tone. It was still a horror, but it also had a lot of action B-movie qualities.

“[There’s] Mikami the creator and Mikami the producer in me,” said director Shinji Mikami. “When I share ideas, Mikami, the producer, shuts me out immediately. Over time you develop a double personality. For Resident Evil 4, I didn’t actually stop my frenzy myself. I wanted a producer to step in and stop it for me.


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“For ‘God Hand,’ I think Mikami, the creator, really played his part,” he continued. “I think with Resident Evil 4 it was half creator and half producer. It was well balanced in a way. The producer really worked to control the creator. That helped the game work out well in the end when it went gold, I wondered if I had made that game. Mikami, the producer, shut out all my ideas and told me it wouldn’t work.

In case you haven’t heard, God Hand is a PlayStation 2 beat ’em up from Capcom and directed by Shinji Mikami. It’s a change from games like Evil Within and Resident Evil in that it’s an over-the-top, comedic action title that’s more goofy than haunting. But many of those fantastical elements that Mikami is known for are there, like a fallen angel who becomes the Demon King and invades the world with his demon army.

The name “God Hand” comes from someone holding the power of God in their arms – it’s a very over-the-top experience, but something Mikami believes more of his creator side shines through. but it is now also available for PS3. Perhaps we’ll see it return as part of the new PlayStation + PS + and Now fusion with its expanded Classics range.

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