"Show us your voice": "Soul against the Black Forest, I like it!" - Bark Sedov
“Show us your voice”: “Soul against the Black Forest, I like it!”

“Show us your voice”: “Soul against the Black Forest, I like it!”

“Show us your voice”: “Soul against the Black Forest, I like it!”

“Show us your voice”
“Soul against the Black Forest, I think it’s good!”

By Kai Butterweck

Thomas Hermanns puts his hands in front of his face, Daniel Hartwich covers his ears and Max Giermann transforms into Klaus Kinski: musical extremes duel at the start of the new “Show and Your Voice” season.

Successful last year under the banner “I Can See Your Voice”, the fast-paced guessing show with a musical touch will be launched this summer under the title “Show us your voice”. Technically only slightly changed are once again eight supposed singing talents, a prominent guessing team (Chantal Janzen, Max Giermann, Thomas Hermanns, Anna Loos, Yvonne Catterfeld) and a two-person team without a TV background, squinting in the direction of a windfall.

A whopping 25,000 euros can jump out of Frankfurt am Main for Nico and Jonathan at the end of the show – a prospect in which not only the two candidates, but also rate celebrity Yvonne Catterfeld claps their hands excitedly. The latter strikes up a duet with the remaining imposter or top singer at the end of the show. In several rounds, the engaged candidate couple picks a performance duo, which then competes against each other in the misleading playback mode. In each round, 2500 euros can be secured. All clarity eliminated? Well then go!

Mediterranean courtship pop versus great soul cinema

In the first round, the folklore dancer and the forwarding agent face each other: “Soul against the Black Forest, I think it’s good!” grins comedy icon Thomas Hermanns. After a short sound duel, in which Mediterranean courtship pop on the one hand and great soul cinema on the other ensure wide eyes and open mouths, the rate duo from Hesse decides in favor of the forwarding agent: “Somehow it all sounded too perfect “, says Max Giermann. On the “Truth Stage” it is decided whether the candidates and the celebrities are right or not. Now the forwarding clerk sings live – and she delivers. With an expressive “Lion King” performance, the power woman shows that she is not only one step ahead in the field of logistics, but also on the big stage.


In each round, 2500 euros can be secured. All clarity eliminated? Well then go!

(Photo: RTL Stefan Gregorowius)

The surprising debut appearance marks the beginning of a guessing rush in rollercoaster mode, in which the candidate couple soon sees all the wedding plans they have already thought of floating away (“We wanted to use the profit to finance our big wedding celebration”). Two more rate defeats later, the mood is completely on the ground: “At our wedding there’s only water and bread,” complains Nico. The celebrities who are permanently lying next to them are now also shying away from any camera contact: “Maybe someone can send us home,” grumbles Thomas Hermanns.

Trip through minor hell

A few minutes later, however, the tide turns. In the duel between the maid and the financial adviser, the candidates are finally right. On the “Stage of Truth” the chambermaid comes out as a howling karaoke amateur. The three-minute trip through minor hell is celebrated like New Year’s Eve. Suddenly everyone is hugging. From now on, the rate curve points steeply upwards.

When the selected figure skater grabs the microphone, the parody world champion quickly gives him something to say: “If you can sing, I’ll punch you in the face, you stupid pig!” Klaus Kinski croaks, uh… Max Giermann. The threat is having an effect. Cat whining echoes through the TV studio again. The folk singer even goes a step further: “You have to be able to sing so badly at first,” sums up moderator Daniel Hartwich.

Can the lingerie salesman sing?

In the big “Fact or Fake” finale, the bald-headed lingerie salesman prevails against the financial adviser, who appears in a smart suit. But can the lingerie expert really sing? A duet with Yvonne Catterfeld should bring clarity. While the optically unequal couple orient themselves in the direction of the stage, Nico and Jonathan decide on the safety variant. That means: Instead of taking the risk and raking in a whopping 25,000 euros with the help of the (hopefully) professional singing skills of the lingerie seller, the Frankfurters prefer to take home the “safe” 10,000 euros that they have earned so far.

Then it’s time. And it happens as it had to happen: the burly lingerie salesman turns out to be a baritone machine who not only knows how to shine in the opera, but also on the big pop stage. The candidate couple takes it easy: “With 10,000 euros you can also celebrate a great wedding!” Jonathan is happy. Good point.

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