Skyrim fan reveals strange house made out of cheese

One fan takes Skyrim players one step further than flooding their houses with cheese and creates an open-world house made entirely out of cheese.

Bethesda Softworks introduced Player Housing Skyrim with the Hearthfire expansion and ever since The Elder Scrolls Fans have created their ideal place to stay in the wide, cold landscape. A Skyrim The player has decided to create a home out in the field that appears to be made entirely of cheese.

Reddit user Rac-attack recently shared a picture of his home Skyrim, which is specifically set in an open field on a mountainside rather than one of the many pre-made locations around town. Skyrim Fans who choose to build their own homes like Rac-Attack can place these homes in many more areas outside of Riften, Markarth, Whiterun, or Windhelm, and they can be expanded by crafting various building materials. The usually made of wood Skyrim House is a lighter yellow in Rac-Attack’s image due to the player’s meticulous placement of countless cheese items around the building’s exterior and interior.


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Rac-attack is adjusted Skyrim The player enclosure has multiple columns of cheeses that maintain the structural integrity of the house’s entrance, and many cheeses spill out of the building and onto the ground around the house Skyrim Player. The interior of the building is almost as kitschy, though a few candles stick out over some cheese to show off some additional items in the room beyond the abundance of dairy. Next to the front door of the house are three potted plants growing slices of cheese, one representing Eldar cheese and the others appearing to be goat’s cheese.

this Skyrim The player’s house isn’t the only cheesy creation in the photo, as the Rac-Attack character is also dressed in cheese, with a pile of cheese making up most of his body and a gold crown on his head. The Rac-attack character also comes equipped with a wooden sword, which blends in well with the yellow tones, while the cheese plants match the surrounding foliage. Because a large part of the Käsehaus cannot be replicated without Mod Vanilla Skyrim Players will have to settle for less cheese in and around their home, or spend a lot more time than Rac-attack has to create that home.

Rac-attack is not the first Skyrim players to decorate their homes with cheese, while another player recently flooded his Breezehome in Whiterun to the brim with cheese. Although Rac-attack’s house appears to be made entirely of cheese, some parts resembling the consumable food product do not match the appearance of well-known cheeses in the game, suggesting that other yellow items were used to create the appearance of a house made of cheese to produce cheese. Skyrim Fans on PC looking to build a similarly cheesy house as Rac-Attack’s will need to download the Cheesemod to open up the plethora of cheese customization options.

Skyrim is now available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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