Sonic 2 speeds ahead of the original in its opening weekend

A very quick start at the box office for the blue blur.

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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 might not hit North American theaters until later this week, but the Blue Blur’s latest adventure has already arrived in other markets. The sequel hits the big screen on Friday 1st April in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and across Europe and early indicators are already showing that the film is on track to do even better at the box office than the first film.

According to Deadline, Sonic 2 grossed $25.5 million in the 31 markets it debuted in last weekend. That’s a two percent increase over the first film in the same markets during its opening weekend, something Paramount is reportedly very pleased with. A surefire sign that the studio rightly wanted to move forward with Sonic 3 and a Knuckles spinoff series before the second film was even out.


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The first Sonic movie surprised pretty much everyone with its success when it hit theaters a little over two years ago. It became the highest-grossing video game film of all time in the US and might have done even better if the pandemic hadn’t shut down theaters around the world. With very little chance of this happening again, coupled with the sequel’s early box office numbers, it seems likely that Sonic 2 will break Sonic 1’s record.

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Paramount and the team behind the first two Sonic films also have big plans for the future of the franchise. Not just a third movie and a Knuckles show, but an entire Sonic Cinematic Universe. That’s exactly the term one of the sequel’s producers used last week before the film’s arrival. There have also been rumors of Tails getting his own movie, and no spoilers here, but the sequel’s credits scene fits perfectly with what’s coming next.

Even if the first two films somehow followed the timeline of the first three games, it seems that will no longer be the case, at least in terms of the addition of new characters. Future movies and shows will pick elements from Sonic’s 30-year history. Probably a good job too, since Jim Carrey has suggested Sonic 2 will be his last film, meaning Paramount may have to move on without Robotnik.

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