Sony Email Suggests There Could Be A PSVR2 Showcase Soon, Insider Says

Sony gave us a look at the PSVR2, along with some of the features and specs. Also, no other game other than Sony’s Horizon: Call of the Mountain has been confirmed for the VR device. All in all, we don’t know too much about PSVR2, but that could change soon. Industry insider Tom Henderson has suggested that Sony could soon be hosting a showcase focused on the device.

Henderson tweeted that Sony had sent an email entitled “Introducing PlayStation VR2”. Based on this, he suspected that Sony might be preparing a State of Play focused on the VR device, since the same thing happened when Sony sent out a similar email regarding the PS5 pre-launch. Both Jeff Grub and Greg Miller previously said they’d heard rumors of a PSVR2 showcase, and this adds even more fuel to that.


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However, Henderson pointed out that this is just a possibility based on past events and nothing concrete. “It could be anything or nothing. It’s just interesting given the timing of everything.”

As for the device itself, Sony has revealed that the dual controllers will feature finger-tracking technology, while the headset will have a lens adjustment dial to adjust the distance from your eyes. The new ventilation design of the headset also ensures that all the air can escape and the lens does not fog up when playing games. It supports 4K HDR and headset feedback while using just one cable.

“Our goal is to create a headset that not only becomes an attractive part of your living room decor, but also immerses you in your gaming world until you almost forget you’re using a headset or a controller,” said the blog post, who revealed these details. “That’s why we paid very close attention to the ergonomics of the headset and carried out extensive tests to ensure that it is comfortable to wear for different head sizes.”

Sony has yet to announce an official launch date for the device, but according to a leak, you should expect the PSVR2 sometime in early 2023.

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