Soul Hackers 2 receives many screenshots and details revealing new characters and more

Today Atlus released a large gallery of screenshots and details about its upcoming JRPG Soul Hackers 2, showcasing new characters and more.

First we meet Raven. He is a former member of Yatagarasu and used to be a top-notch summoner, but is now retired and running an orphanage. He is very sociable and loves children. He speaks calmly and is very caring. He’s like a mentor figure to the hero Arrow, calling him little brother. Ringo and her team visit him to ask his advice during their investigation.

The second character introduced today is Kaburagi, a member of the Phantom Society. He is a bright young man with a strong sense of justice and caring for his friends. Still, he kills Arrow to complete his mission. The two seem to know each other and have some sort of connection.

We also learn more about Arrow himself, including the fact that he loves tending to plants as his hobby, he loves shoyu (soy flavored) ramen. His birthday is February 22nd.

Arrow’s COMP is a weapon type, so its basic attacks are bullets. He is strong with the ice elements and support abilities. His physical strength is considerable, and depending on his specialization, he can learn skills to shield his allies.

As in most Shin Megami Tensei games, it’s important to attack enemies according to their elemental weaknesses while avoiding their resistances.

Ringo and her companions have COMPs that can be equipped with a variety of demons that give them direct access to their abilities.

When you hit an enemy’s weakness, you can summon your own demon called “Stack”. At the end of the round, Ringo will give the signal to begin the “Sabbath” and prompt any summoned demons to strike. You can stack up to 16 demons.

Demons can also learn tandem skills and when they participate in a Sabbath there is a chance that they will unleash these skills with various effects such as: B. inflicting abnormal conditions or healing allies.

Evolving Ringo’s COMP unlocks commander abilities with a variety of effects such as: Such as boosting your Sabbath, switching demons without consuming your turn, or increasing the number of actions available to you. However, these abilities have a cooldown, so use them with caution.

You can check out all screenshots below.

Soul Hackers 2 will be released on August 26th for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC (Steam and Windows Store), just one day after its Japanese launch on August 25th.

You can watch the original trailer, many screenshots, a second gallery, a video explaining the gameplay, another trailer about Jack Frost, one about Pizza, one focused on Dormarth, one on Bugbear, one on Hare of Inaba and one on Tsuchigumo, one on the supermarket Breaking Mart, one at the entrance of Karakucho, one shows Vritra and more, one focuses on Kinmamon, one on Inugami, one on Mad Gasser, one with Mermaid, another focuses on vending machines, one focuses on Delamancha, another pair on Arrow and B. Hawaii Frost, one shows Kudlak, one shows Fenrir, one shows Angel, one focuses on Gremlin, one reveals Leanan Sidhe, one focuses on Nozuchi, one on Yatagarasu, one shows a ramen shop and one marks the return of Zhu Tun She.

This is how Atlus officially describes the game:

“Soul Hackers 2 inherits the essence of Devil Summoner: Soul Hacker while evolving the gameplay concept with a cleaner art style, addictive RPG gameplay, and next-level storytelling from ATLUS. Set in the universe of Shin Megami Tensei, Soul Hackers 2 follows a brand new story about two agents of Aion, Ringo and Figure, and their fight to stop the destruction of the world.

Produced and directed by Eiji Ishida and Mitsuru Hirata, additional collaborators include music composed by MONACA, character designs by Shirow Miwa and Executive Producer Shinjiro Takata.”

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