Star Trek announces NFTs, Trekkies fight back

Paramount and RECUR are launching a new Star Trek-themed NFT collection, and many Trekkies are already demanding they abort the mission.

If anything would ever elicit a Picard-style facepalm from Trekkies, it would be the news of Star Trek making its first contact with NFTs. According to an article published on, starting April 9, fans will be able to access “digital collectibles” through, a new online portal that will feature NFT drops for some of Paramount’s popular IPs and franchises.

“Fans are looking for new ways to engage with their favorite shows and franchises, and our innovative ecosystem provides them with a community to participate in for years to come,” said Zach Bruch, CEO of RECUR. “With the launch of and, we are offering fans a unique opportunity to embark on a journey to bravely venture into the metaverse.”

“Fans should be able to engage with our content wherever they are, including the Metaverse,” added Pam Kaufman, president of Global Consumer Products and Experiences at Paramount, of the company’s latest venture. “ will provide a seamless digital collecting experience for fans of our major franchises, starting with Star Trek.”

Star Trek will be the first franchise to launch on the portal, with collectibles available in the Star Trek Continuum hub. The Season 0 drop on April 9th ​​will include “algorithmically generated starships” that can be purchased for $250 per pack. There will be 20,000 Starship packs available in the 24-hour sale, and no two ships will be the same.

Paramount’s fan-centric platform aims to be a place where people “build a community, connect with like-minded people, and unlock new, innovative, and interactive experiences with properties and brands they love” as part of a “unified environment where of fans are buying, “collecting and trading” NFTs as digital collectibles, but not everyone is excited about the idea.

Fleets of Trekkies have taken to social media to offer their opinions on Star Trek’s NFT announcement, with many berating the decision to “not be in touch” and “violating every Trek principle” since the People have struggled to find a connection between Star Trek and NFTs, considering the former pride themselves on demonstrating an environmentally conscious ethos.

NFTs and cryptocurrencies have received a massive wave of tech attention over the past year and continue to be controversial topics. They are largely unregulated companies that are often exploited for fraud purposes and are accused of having a huge negative impact on the environment due to the energy used in electronic currency mining.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds – Exclusive character posters of the new crew of the USS Enterprise

As a result, some fans are feeling alienated by the announcement of the NFT Star Trek Collection, which comes at a time when Trekkies are preparing to boldly embark on another adventure aboard the USS Enterprise with Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. This new series premieres May 5th on Paramount+, with new episodes every Thursday thereafter.

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