Storming the Capitol: The putschist Donald Trump - Bark Sedov
Storming the Capitol: The putschist Donald Trump

Storming the Capitol: The putschist Donald Trump

Storming the Capitol: The putschist Donald Trump

WIf it were the script of one of the White House TV series, you’d think the episode was over the top. The president, who is resisting being voted out of office, is calling his supporters behind the White House. When he hears that many are armed, he demands that the metal detectors be dismantled – after all, according to his logic, they don’t want to kill him, but his vice president. Because he doesn’t want to break the constitution – so he “deserves” that people want to hang him.

After the rally, the Secret Service drives the President back to the secure White House, but the supposed “leader of the free world” wants to march with the people to the Capitol, wants to lead the coup. The President grabs the steering wheel of one bodyguard and goes for the throat of the other. The mob storms the Capitol, the certification of the election results is initially broken off.

What’s next in this real life?

This is not Netflix, but apparently real life, more precisely: Trump in January 2021, witnessed by a close associate of his then chief of staff. All the more exciting is the question of how to proceed.

It is becoming increasingly unlikely that the justice minister will avoid the politically sensitive indictment of the former president. But what are Republicans saying, what are voters doing in November’s congressional elections? Can anyone change their mind? Stay tuned!

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