Streamer xQc accidentally points toe at camera and viewers can’t handle it

Felix Lengyel, also known as xQc, has been making headlines for his controversial takes, successful streaming career and rants. He usually does some pranking on the GTA Online roleplaying servers, which sometimes results in him getting banned from them. Today’s news is a little different though – the streamer showed viewers his CPU which caused him some trouble but accidentally included his toe in the shot for a few seconds causing his viewers to freak out.

As spotted by GameRant, xQc was streaming Mario Kart 8 Deluxe when he mentioned that his PC was giving him some problems. He took the camera and pointed it under the table to try to explain the problem. Something actually seemed amiss, with the RGB lights around the CPU fans blinking erratically. The streamer also mentioned that the three ports connected to its GPU were flashing red. However, the camera accidentally flipped to give us a good few seconds of xQc’s toe – and let’s just say the boy could use a pedicure.


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While the chat initially criticized its setup as dirty with abysmal cable management, it suddenly went toe-toe. Comments abounded about xQc’s toe looking somehow worse than its CPU, and many viewers wished they hadn’t seen it. However, xQc himself was pretty casual, casually saying that it wasn’t his toe and that he had no idea whose foot it was.

As mentioned, xQc doesn’t make the headlines for anything. Last month, the streamer claimed he’s been playing GTA 6 and speaking to his viewers about it, despite claiming he’s signed a non-disclosure agreement.

“Fuck the NDAs, fuck the newspapers, if they want they can send me to jail,” he said during his live stream. “I played Grand Theft Auto 6 Online and I’ll just say it, the development of the game is already done, they finished it. The only reason it’s taking so long is that they won’t allow roleplaying on FiveM, they have their own roleplaying servers with advanced real-life roleplaying mechanics.”

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