Summer vacation on the Mediterranean: There are still bargains to be found here

Summer vacation on the Mediterranean: There are still bargains to be found here

After a pandemic eternity, we can go again – without major restrictions, formalities and certificates: Departure for summer vacation. After two and a half years of Corona, it can finally be booked in an uncomplicated way, but is currently almost unaffordable. Flight and hotel prices have skyrocketed. But luckily that’s no reason to put a stop to your holiday mood – the Handelsblatt has currently determined the cheapest summer destinations and created a ranking.

How come the prices have gone up so much? One of the reasons for this is the severe inflation, which is 8.1 percent in the euro area. In addition, some Corona requirements still apply, for example, cleaning is done more frequently and more laboriously – the guest will also be billed for this. And not to forget: the pent-up thirst for sunshine! The demand is huge, so of course the prices are rising. According to the “Handelsblatt”, some hoteliers are even expecting better sales than in the record year 2019.

The desire to travel is huge, high prices or not: According to a GfK survey commissioned by the Bavarian Center for Tourism, 69 percent of those surveyed who generally travel would definitely like to go on vacation this summer.

In Turkey there are still holiday bargains

And where else can you relax without surfing knee-deep in the dispo? The tourism consultancy Mabrian has evaluated holiday destinations on the Mediterranean for the Handelsblatt. Result: A holiday in Turkey is the cheapest this season.

Here, an overnight stay in the last week of July and the first week of August in a four-star hotel costs around 100 euros. In Greece you currently pay twice as much per night. Since Turkey is also a popular destination for Russians and Ukrainians, but these holidaymakers are staying away this season due to the war, the rush to Antalya’s all-inclusive hotels is less. This also affects the prices.

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The situation is similar in North Africa: Many Russians also vacationed in Egypt and Tunisia. The two countries occupy second place in the favorable ranking. The location, which is not considered stable by many holidaymakers, also makes holidays here cheaper than in other areas.

Egypt expects to reach 68 percent of pre-crisis bookings this year. And in Tunisia from January to May only around half as many tourists came as in the same period of 2019.

Third place in the holiday hit parade: Portugal! The small country with great charm is totally hip – but still affordable. The outbreak of the omicron subvariant BA.5 at the beginning of May did not dampen the Algarve enthusiasm.

“We have not seen any effects of the new corona wave on bookings,” said Filipe Silva, member of the board of directors of Turismo de Portugal, to the “Handelsblatt”. Here, too, hotel prices have risen – but not as enormously as in other holiday destinations on the Mediterranean.

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