Sunday April 10 Solution and hint

Welcome to another edition of Wordle where we have about 1800 five letter words left before we move on. Yes, it’s going to take a while, but lately we’ve had a bunch of simpler words rather than things for you to look up. This is definitely a word you’ll be familiar with, but it’s not always as difficult as the word is, it depends on how your guesses shape the clue history, so we’ll see how you fare.

I’ve been keeping my Wordle streak alive since I lost it about a week ago. What can I say? Lack of sleep from a newborn is severely affecting my Wordle skills. But I suppose it also keeps my mind sharp as I fight through the fatigue and overlook the fact that my veins are mostly caffeine at this point.

An Introduction to Wordle

  • For those new to the game, read this Wordle primer before you start playing and learn how this fad started.
  • Then if you want some advanced tactics to get these low guess rate answers then you can read the Wordle tips and tricks can be found here.

Today’s Wordle #295 answer and hint

This is a spoiler alert for those of you who may have accidentally gotten here and just want a hint instead. As for that clue, I’d say you might want to check out Pearl Jam or The Rolling Stones before solving today’s puzzle. subtle enough? We’ll see I guess.

And the answer is…


Yes, the color, but I was referring to the songs Black and Paint it Black. Black is one of the few different colors that could possibly be Wordle answers, although I don’t recall seeing any others until now. GREEN, WHITE, uh, BLUE could be all the answers.

As for today’s puzzle, I started with my usual CRANE, which got me the A in the right place and a C somewhere in it. I couldn’t think of any more guesses from there, so I just did MOATS for a few letter eliminations, which, uh, certainly eliminated letters, but didn’t do anything other than that either. And yes, I know there was no C in it. However, I sat down, put on my thinking cap and finally got to BLACK. Kind of a strange format as we don’t see too many CK endings. So maybe people are having trouble with this one, I’m not sure.

Anyway, that’s all Wordle has for us today, so see you tomorrow for another try.

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