Swedish politician dies after trying to stop deadly gang shooting

Frederik Andersson, a member of the Civic Collection party, has died as a result of gunshot wounds he sustained at a gym in central Stockholm earlier this week while trying to stop a suspected gang gunman from killing another man .

The Civic Collection Party, a small conservative-populist party formed in 2014, released a statement on Wednesday confirming the fatal shooting of Andersson, who served as the party’s leader in Solna Township.

Filming took place around noon on Monday at a gym in central Stockholm. Police believe the gunman was looking for a member of the Banditos motorcycle gang, likely due to ongoing gang tensions in the city.

Earlier this week, the newspaper Aftonbladet reported that the suspect in the case had worn a mask and fled the scene after the shooting.

“I was walking by with a stroller and saw a bunch of boys and girls outside looking completely panicked. Then I see the cops draw their guns and yell, “Get off the street.” So I took the car and ran away. It was a bloody mess,” a witness told the newspaper.

“The Civic Collection party executive has been reached by the news that our Civic Collection Solna chairman, Fredrik Andersson, has died from gunshot wounds sustained at a gym in central Stockholm on Monday. According to reports, Fredrik Andersson intervened against a gunman who was out to murder another in the room, which ended in him being shot himself,” the party wrote.

“The spine was literally Frederick’s trademark. He sometimes carried around a model of a spine to show what he felt was more needed in Sweden. In words, pictures and deeds, he was an expression of civil courage – civil courage,” the party added.

Hanif Bali, Member of the Swedish Parliament for the centre-right moderates, has spoken out on Twitter about Andersson’s death saying“I remember Fredrik visiting my campaign outside of MOS in Solna.”

“Now he became the youngest of the innocent victims of the ghetto shootings, a uniformed officer, a father of three with our values,” Bali added.

The shooting is just one of 18 deadly shootings that have taken place in the first three months of 2022 in what was once considered a Scandinavian liberal paradise – a record number, according to broadcaster SVT.

“Since the issue began being recorded, there has only been one month, March 2018, where there has been no case at all. So we have a few deaths every month. Sometimes it’s one, sometimes twelve, but there’s always some,” said Professor Jerzy Sarnecki from Stockholm University.

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