T-Mobile is reportedly pushing back the Sprint 3G network shutdown date

T-Mobile is reportedly delaying Sprint’s planned 3G network shutdown again until May 31 The T-Mo Report). If the report is accurate, it would be the second time the company has pushed the date back; It originally wanted to phase out the network in January, but said in October it would extend the deadline to March 31.

T-Mobile did not immediately respond to an email from The edge on Wednesday to receive confirmation of the new date. But a section of the iPhone Global Services Guide on SoftBank’s website under the heading Sprint’s “CDMA Network Shutdown” says, “Due to Sprint’s circumstances, the date has been moved from March 31, 2022 to May 31, 2022.” It adds added that it is also possible that the May 31st date could be “moved into the future”. Accordingly the t-mo report, Some Sprint customers received emails from T-Mobile confirming the May 31 shutdown date.

As one of the terms of the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint, which was completed in 2020, Dish acquired Boost Mobile in July 2020 with the goal of Dish taking Sprint’s place as the fourth wireless carrier in the United States. After T-Mobile announced plans to close Sprint’s CDMA network, the two companies criticized each other; Dish Chairman Charlie Ergen likened T-Mobile to the Grinch; Mike Sievert, CEO of T-Mobile, wrote in a blog post that Dish “is standing on his feet about upgrading its customers to the superior 4G/5G world.”

At stake is the impact the shutdown will have on Dish’s Boost Mobile customers. The Justice Department informed Dish Network and T-Mobile in a July 2021 letter that it had “serious concerns” about the shutdown of Sprint’s legacy network and urged the companies to take “all appropriate steps” to mitigate the impact to reduce the customers who rely on the network.

When T-Mobile announced the delay until the end of March, T-Mobile released a statement saying its “partners” had failed in “their responsibility to help their customers make this transition” and had “reinforced customer demands.” “. names. That appeared to be a thinly veiled reference to Dish Network, whose executive vice president of External Legislative Affairs Jeff Blum said The edge at the time when COVID-related issues and supply chain bottlenecks had slowed customer upgrades. He said the March delay was an admission by T-Mobile that shutting down the CDMA network could have a negative impact on consumers who rely on it.

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