Tactical RPG delights on Steam

Tactical RPG delights on Steam

from Alexander Ney
On Steam, an inconspicuous tactical role-playing game is getting a lot of approval: Symphony of War by Dancing Dragon Games. 96 percent of the current 1,113 reviews give a thumbs up – and give the retroesque military epic the rating “Extremely positive”. What is behind the success of the title?

As part of the RPG Maker community, Dancing Dragon Games has been publishing video games since 2014. Now the three-man development team has apparently succeeded in creating a special tactical role-playing game with Symphony of War, because a good two weeks after its release the Steam rating of the title is “extremely positive”. The result is based on currently 1,113 user reviews. But what exactly makes Symphony of War special? We took a closer look at the upstart.

Symphony of War: Turn-based combat with tactical depth

Behind the name Symphony of War hides a retroesque role-playing game with a focus on strategic battlefield combat. The tactical part takes place in a 2D map mode shown from above, which is reminiscent of long-serving Japanese role-playing games such as Breath of Fire with its pixelated “cuddly look”. With several squads of up to nine soldiers each, you have to take strategically advantageous positions – including higher areas or bottlenecks – and outwit the enemy with ambushes. The actual skirmishes, shown from a 2D side view with higher graphics resolution, are turn-based and fully automatic. Troops consist of a total of 50 different character classes, including infantryman, archer, battle mage and even battle dragon.

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In order to further increase the tactical depth, bad weather conditions (snowstorms, heat waves) must be taken into account. It is also possible to interrupt chains of command by eliminating enemy troop leaders or to lower the enemy’s morale. Of course, your own troop morale can also drop, as can your own reputation. This can be countered by recruiting and conquering cities and resources, because the troops benefit from raw materials in battle.

The strategy-heavy gameplay is embedded in a (according to the developers) 30 to 40 hour story campaign. The setting is the medieval-looking empire of Veridia, whose ruler Florina was kidnapped by a renegade general. He recently raised the rebellion flag and raised his own troops. In this scenario, the player takes on the role of a young academy graduate who is tasked with leading an expedition against the rebellious forces. A dynamic relationship system with unlockable alliances plays a bigger role. So far, Symphony of War is only available for PC via Steam or the Epic Games Store. We also recommend reading this Developer Q&A for more information on the game.

Source: Dancing Dragon Games via Steam

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