Tales of Arise developers say there are no plans for a direct sequel

The developers of Bandai Namco’s latest JRPG, Tales of Arise, say there are currently no plans for a direct sequel to the game.

Tales of Arise, no sequel

Bandai Namcos stories of creation is the latest installment in the long-running JRPG franchise, released last year to positive reviews and good sales. This is evidenced by stories of creation It managed to set a new record for the series, selling over 1.5 million copies within its first month, also making it the fastest-selling game. Fans and critics have praised this entry for its outstanding combat, unique world design, fantasy and sci-fi aesthetics, and ambitious story, making it one of the best JRPGs of 2021.


Given the immense success of this latest entry, some fans might be wondering what’s next for the series. Some might think there is room for expansion stories of creation further with an anime adaptation. There is one camp that might believe in a direct sequel stories of creation might be possible while others think that another stories of Game might be in the works. Regarding a sequel to Develop At least according to the game’s producer, Yusuke Tomiwaza, there doesn’t seem to be any plans.

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Speaking to Edge magazine, Tomiwaza explains that despite the success of this news, this is the case stories of The entry was so far, the sequel isn’t currently “in the cards.” He states that the team wishes stories of creation‘s story would be completed with a “good aftertaste” that would not require further expansions such as additional DLCs or sequels.

stories emerge

He expands on this point without building on the story of stories of creation, he hopes his studio will continue to build on the game’s success to help attract new fans. To that end, he states that he wants to create a new “modern flagship title” that will be empowered by the accomplishments of this entry and allow fans to rediscover some of the older games in the stories of Franchise.

The director of stories of creationHirokazu Kagawa, noticed this JRPG title Scarlet Nexus was a component that helped make the game as successful as it was. Kagawa noted that the similarities between stories of creation and Scarlet Nexus influenced him and his team where they viewed the latter game as rivals to help push stories of creation Forward. This becomes particularly clear Scarlet Nexus‘ Director, Kenji Anabuki, was part of stories of Series since 2003 with Stories of the Symphony. While some fans might be disappointed about that stories of creation will not get a direct sequel, Bandai Namco’s development teams seem incredibly passionate about delivering feature-rich JRPG experiences.

stories of creation is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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