Tennis Wimbledon: O. Otte vs. P. Gojowczyk - live ticker - 1st round - 2022 - Bark Sedov
Tennis Wimbledon: O. Otte vs. P. Gojowczyk – live ticker – 1st round – 2022

Tennis Wimbledon: O. Otte vs. P. Gojowczyk – live ticker – 1st round – 2022

Tennis Wimbledon: O. Otte vs. P. Gojowczyk – live ticker – 1st round – 2022



Oscar Otte is in the next round. In a duel between two DTB players, Cologne’s Peter Gojowczyk beats 6:1, 6:2 and 6:1. And the game was as clear as the result sounds. Especially in the first set, Gojowczyk had no chance and so this round only lasted a little over 20 minutes. Oscar Otte played well, hardly made any mistakes (apart from ten double faults) and played his game confidently. Gojowczyk on the other side made too many mistakes and never really found his rhythm, so this defeat is probably okay at altitude.


O. Otte – P. Gojowczyk 6:1, 6:2, 6:1

Lid on it! Gojowczyk makes too many mistakes again, especially on the forehand and gets the short end of the stick here after 80 minutes.


O. Otte – P. Gojowczyk 6:1, 6:2, 5:1

Otte takes the penultimate step to move into the next round. The Cologne player is 5-1 and only needs one game win to close the sack.


O. Otte – P. Gojowczyk 6:1, 6:2, 4:1

Gojowczyk also starts well in his own service game, but then concedes the break again. That should have been the lid on this game.


O. Otte – P. Gojowczyk 6:1, 6:2, 3:1

In the end, however, Otte got through without the opponent having a chance to break. But Gojowczyk is now a little closer to Otte. But is this too late?


O. Otte – P. Gojowczyk 6:1, 6:2, 2:1

At 0:30 it looks as if Otte is wobbling here. However, the king can free himself with strong serves, but now he has to make a debut.


O. Otte – P. Gojowczyk 6:1, 6:2, 2:1

As in the second set, “Gojo” now gets his service game and shortens it to 1:2. Such games need the Dachauer much more often.


O. Otte – P. Gojowczyk 6:1, 6:2, 2:0

Otte doesn’t let that bother him and builds up pressure with the serve. Because Gojowczyk also provokes further unforced errors, the game goes to Otte.


O. Otte – P. Gojowczyk 6:1, 6:2, 1:0

But now Peter Gojowczyk actually has his first breakball today. He grabs it with a great backhand longline.


O. Otte – P. Gojowczyk 6:1, 6:2, 1:0

Is it going there now? Oscar Otte gets off to a dream start for the third time and grabs the opponent’s first service game in the set. For Peter Gojowczyk, things are looking increasingly bleak.


O. Otte – P. Gojowczyk 6:1, 6:2

The challenger can then do nothing against Otte’s serve. Otte serves cleanly and takes the second set. There hasn’t been an hour played here yet.


O. Otte – P. Gojowczyk 6:1, 5:2

But the 32-year-old has by no means given up here. Gojowczyk tries a lot and with success. The Dachauer shortened again to 2:5.


O. Otte – P. Gojowczyk 6:1, 5:1

Very possible, because Oscar Otte gets his serve. At 30:30 he has to tremble briefly, but the hawk-eye shows that his serve was very close to the line.


O. Otte – P. Gojowczyk 6:1, 4:1

And there it happened! Oscar Otte gets the next break. Was that already the case in sentence number two?


O. Otte – P. Gojowczyk 6:1, 3:1

Gojowczyk continues to struggle with his serve, where his odds are below 50%. With the second serve, however, he only wins a quarter of the points and so he now faces more breakballs.


O. Otte – P. Gojowczyk 6:1, 3:1

Otte, however, masters this hurdle, even if not completely confidently. But that won’t bother him much, Otte continues to show with a break.


O. Otte – P. Gojowczyk 6:1, 2:1

For the first time, Otte has to go over the debut on his own serve. This is also due to the fact that he already has seven double faults on his account. Despite the clear game so far, this is a statistic that shouldn’t look so natural so early in the match.


O. Otte – P. Gojowczyk 6:1, 2:1

Very well served by Gojowczyk, who urgently needs his serve, regardless of the fact that he still makes too many mistakes out of the game. With this good service he can fight his way to 1:2.


O. Otte – P. Gojowczyk 6:1, 2:0

Oscar Otte certainly doesn’t play the stars from the sky here, but he is very stable and hardly makes any mistakes. A clever appearance by the man from Cologne, who continues to march through this game.


O. Otte – P. Gojowczyk 6:1, 1:0

And Peter Gojowczyk’s nightmare evening continues. The 32-year-old can’t find any rhythm, makes far too many mistakes and gives the break right away.


O. Otte – P. Gojowczyk 6:1

Otte serves well now and has two set balls here. Gojowczyk can still fend off the first set ball, but he is powerless with the second set ball. Set one goes to Oscar Otte after just 22 minutes.


O. Otte – P. Gojowczyk 5:1

This will do “Gojo” good! The 32-year-old does not easily get the service game here, but in the end he does so at 30 and shortens it to 1:5. This will probably not change anything at the end of the sentence, but maybe the challenger’s self-confidence.


O. Otte – P. Gojowczyk 5:0

Otte makes a foot mistake on the second serve. You see something like that very rarely. However, this does not upset the favorites. Otte makes it 5-0 with peace of mind.


O. Otte – P. Gojowczyk 4:0

Otte, on the other hand, moves well and has the necessary self-confidence. The 28-year-old is already getting his second break here and may make a small preliminary decision in set one.


O. Otte – P. Gojowczyk 3:0

Gojowczyk has no rhythm at all here. Simple mistakes on the backhand put a spanner in the works for the Dachau player and might cost him another break.


O. Otte – P. Gojowczyk 3:0

Otte’s quota for the first serve is only 60%, but if it comes, he currently scores every point. So the Cologne player is 3-0 here.


O. Otte – P. Gojowczyk 2:0

There’s the early break! The breakball return is actually not good, but Gojowczyk doesn’t know exactly how to take the ball in the half field and thunders the felt ball into the net.


O. Otte – P. Gojowczyk 1:0

After being 0:30 behind in his own service game, the 32-year-old fights back to 40:30. However, because he then makes a double fault, Gojowczyk has to go past Debut.


O. Otte – P. Gojowczyk 1:0

Allowed a point, but still served confidently. Oscar Otte starts this game very well.


O. Otte – P. Gojowczyk 0:0

Here we go! Otte opens the game with his own serve and grabs point number one. But his opponent can also score a point early on. 15 Both!


Soon it will start!

The preliminary game on Court Seven is now over. So Otte and Gojowczyk can now get ready and get going in just over ten minutes.


Not for long…

Because set five between Tabilo and Djere will probably go into the tie break, there will be another 20 to 30 minutes of waiting. If it doesn’t rain again, we’ll finally be able to start.


The wait goes on

The match in seventh place that took place before the duel now actually goes into the fifth set. For the two Germans, this means that they will have to wait until at least 8 p.m.


Patience is required!

Patience is still a virtue for the two Germans. Due to further delays, the game will probably start at 7:25 p.m. at the earliest!


No Wimbledon love

Things are not going quite so well for opponents Gojowczyk. The German is still in the top 100 in the world and has lost 15 of his 21 matches so far this year. The short lawn season is actually not a bad phase for “Goto”, who feels good on the lawn. Nonetheless, he has already failed six times in Wimbledon qualifying and twice in the first round, which he only survived once.


Strong season

This year, Oscar Otte showed himself to be in great form and was able to transport his performance directly onto the green surface. In Stuttgart and Halle he made it to the semi-finals, where he was eliminated by favorites Berrettini and Medvedev. Otte is now number 36 in the world and even starts at Wimbledon as a seeded player.


Good evening!

Hello and welcome to Wimbledon 2022! The legendary lawn tournament in south-west London is now picking up speed and the first round has a German pairing ready. Oscar Otte meets Peter Gojowczyk at the start of the tournament. According to the current status, the game is only scheduled for 7 p.m. due to several rain interruptions.

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