The 10 best subreddits for fans of indie games

Depending on who you ask The best video game of 2020 was either a blockbuster zombie action-adventure funded by Sony or an indie dungeon crawler that launched for just $20.

Despite an industry-wide trend towards consolidation, indie games have been more popular than ever. It can be difficult to keep up. This is where Reddit comes in. Here are the top ten subreddits for indie games, whether you’re looking for a new recommendation or just want to learn more about what’s inside your favorite title.


TL;DR: A subreddit for people who like old school games

For those players who love setups from bygone eras, this subreddit is a must. It’s full of screenshots and images from arcade games like Pacman and Donkey Kong to niche releases from the 80’s and 90’s that have achieved cult or legendary status in the gaming community. If you want something very unlike what everyone else is playing – or like the idea of ​​spending your time doing something retro – you’ll find plenty of inspiration here.

Stardew Valley (2016).Worried Monkey


TL;DR: A subreddit for swapping indie games

The mission of this group is to share their love for indie games by trading and trading them over the internet. You’ll find countless threads created by people with bundles of games they want to trade – and users are also assigned flairs to indicate how trustworthy they are of a trader, giving you a sense of how high your anonymous provider is rated. You can also sort the sub by flair, making it easy to search for people to buy, sell, or trade their wares. Games are only $2, so it’s a great place to look for new options on a budget.


TL;DR: A subreddit for indie game developers

Although this subreddit caters to the people who make indie games, it also welcomes indie gamers as it sees them as potential developers too. r/indiedev hosts screenshots of its users’ efforts to create new games and welcomes questions from curious folks on how to get started in the world of game creation. Lots of independent developers promote and tease their new releases here. So if you like to stay ahead of the curve and find new options that few others have played, you’re spoiled for choice here.

Celeste (2018).Matt makes games


TL;DR: A subreddit for aspiring indie game critics

Unlike r/indiedev, r/playmygame does not offer previews or questions from independent developers. Posts on this subreddit promote new releases and beta versions of games shared by developers hungry for feedback on everything from mobile games to Steam trials. If you play games and want to critique them – or have always wanted to play a role in game development – you’ll find plenty of opportunities here. Even better, they are often free to play.

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TL;DR: A subreddit where other people try before you buy

There’s nothing worse than wasting time and money on a game that doesn’t deliver what you want, and with so many options available it can be difficult to really figure out what’s worth opening your wallet for. This subreddit offers a solution. Members are encouraged to post games they wish to purchase and other users share their gameplay experiences. It’s a great way to save time — instead of scouring the web for reviews before buying something new, you can have them delivered straight to your Reddit inbox.

Cuphead (2017).Studio MDHR


TL;DR: A subreddit for gamers on a budget

If you just want to find something free without having to search for it, you’ll find it here. This community posts nothing but free games (including indie games) that you can browse by flair. Skip the Commercial Games tag and go straight to Free to Play or My Game instead. You will find many independent options on Steam and mobile that are unique and without any fees or costs.


TL;DR: A subreddit for tons of indie gaming talk

Like most indie gaming communities on Reddit, this sub is home to many developers who want to show and preview their work, and you’ll find many contributions from developers, but it’s also a hub for open discussion. r/IndieGaming features many game previews and teasers designed to spark conversations, roundups of the best indie games released in a given year, and debates on everything from art style to animation choices, as well as success stories from proud game developers.

spelunky (2008).mossmouth


TL;DR: A place to give or receive games

This community is all about sharing games for free. Members often post keys for games they’re happy to share or bundles they’re happy to give away for free via private DMs. Members also have the option to request specific games. So if you’re dying to get your hands on something you can’t quite afford, you can try to find it here. The “GOG” tag is used to spread thank you’s to give you a sense of which users are reliable when it comes to trading, and there are also occasional discussions about free games.


TL;DR: A subreddit to keep up with all things indie gaming

Sometimes it’s best to stick with the classics. r/indiegames is Reddit’s hub for all things independent games, including upcoming releases, discussions of what your perfect game might look like, development, and gameplay videos. If you’re looking for a place to get a mix of recommendations, developer news, and videos (or want to find developers looking for feedback), it’s worth signing up.


TL;DR: A subreddit for a look behind the scenes

If you’re curious about how games are made or want an idea of ​​what you might experience as an indie game developer, you’ll find answers here. This subreddit hosts videos and images submitted by developers as they tweak their products in real-time, making you feel truly involved in their creative process. If you’re disillusioned with the world of indie gaming, it might be worth browsing through this community’s posts – it’ll give you a new appreciation for all the work that goes into them.

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