The 3 best starting gifts to choose from in Demon’s Souls for PS5

demons souls is very demanding especially for newcomers. If you’re playing this game for the first time because it’s one of the most breathtaking PlayStation 5 exclusives, you’re in for a wild, frustrating ride. Still, you can get an edge right at the start of the game depending on the items you pick. When customizing your character, you can choose one of 10 different “starting gifts” to give your character a boost early in the game.

If you’re wondering which item is the best to start with, here are the top three starting gifts to choose from demons soulsranked.

3. Fire Arrow

The problem with most starting gifts is that they are used up very quickly. While the Fire Arrow is technically one of those items, it’s a bit better than things like Grass Jelly and Bright Water, which have the same utility as consumables scattered around the environment. If you plan on wielding a bow and using the Hunter class, the Fire Arrow will give you ammo that also sets enemies on fire.

Use this to make the early enemies a breeze, or give yourself an edge over tough early game bosses like the Phalanx or Rook Knight. Even so, you will run out of this item and need to buy more from Graverobber Blige.

2. soul stays

If you want to avoid fighting enemies in the early stages of demons souls, then the Soul Remnants are a decent choice as a starting gift. Using the Soul Remnants will distract enemies, allowing you to either sneak past these tough enemies or attack them from behind after using it.

The Soul Remnants suit the Thief class well, but are still useful for those who just want to avoid combat. Once you run out of these, you can purchase new ones from Graverobber Blige on The Ritual Path and loot them from enemies and the environment.

1. Ring of Providence

This is by far the best option if you want an early advantage in the game. The Ring of Providence “increases item discovery.” As a result, useful items will drop faster from enemies early in your adventure. Since item management is an important part of demons soulshaving a ring to help you find useful items quickly is a life saver.

It’s the only starting gift that’s also a permanent item, and that alone shoots it to the top of this list as well. Finally, the King of Rings trophy requires players to acquire every ring item demons soulstherefore, this is a good choice for players who want to reach the game with Platinum as quickly as possible.

Overall, you simply can’t go wrong with the Providential Ring.

demons souls is now available for PS5.

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