The date has been set – secure your first offers now

The date has been set – secure your first offers now

If you want to go bargain hunting in summer, you should keep an eye on Amazon Prime Day 2022.

In a few weeks you can activate the savings mode on Amazon again, because Prime Day is traditionally coming up in mid-July. This year the shopping event falls on the July 12 and 13, 2022. If you are interested in Amazon devices, electronics and entertainment, you should mark these two days in your calendar. If you haven’t already done so, you should get a Prime membership in advance. Prime Day is reserved exclusively for Prime customers. But even today you can grab one or two bargains:

Try Amazon Prime free for 30 days

Amazon Prime Day: What is it all about?

Amazon Prime Day is a two-day, exclusive shopping event where only Amazon Prime membership holders have access to discounted items from the mail order company. All other Amazon customers are denied these bargains. So Prime Day is made for bargain hunters. Amazon has announced that on July 12 and 13, 2022 will be ready again. From midnight to midnight, i.e. for exactly 48 hours, you can click through the offers ranging from fashion and electronics to children’s toys. But you can already find the first early Prime Day offers since June 21st on the shipping giant’s website.

Is attending Prime Day free?

Yes, because Amazon Prime membership is required to participate in Prime Day. If you call these your own anyway, you can take advantage of the exclusive deals on Prime Day carefree and at no extra charge. However, if you are still part of the faction that could resist subscribing to the shipping giant, you must become a member. For this you pay either 7.99 euros per month or 69.00 euros per year.

A little insider tip: If you want to browse through the offers on Prime Day but don’t want to get an additional Amazon Prime membership, you can go to the Prime Day free trial period to use. For 30 days you can then enjoy all the benefits of Prime membership including Prime Day deals. If you cancel the test subscription in good time, you will not incur any additional costs – except, of course, for the sums that you pay for any bargains.

You can find out what advantages an Amazon Prime membership brings with it in addition to Prime Day in the video:

Tips for Prime Day: How to make bargain hunting a success

Since there are sometimes big discounts waiting for you on Prime Day, you should consider a few tips and tricks with which you can get ahead of other bargain hunters – because one thing is certain: the best offers are hard fought every year.

  • Free Membership: No Prime subscription yet? Then keep the free 30-day test period until Prime Day and save the monthly fee of 7.99 euros.
  • Create wish list: Before Prime Day, think about which products you want to buy and put them on the wish list. Although there is no guarantee that these items will be discounted on Prime Day, you can still see everything without having to search for a long time.
  • Install app: If you also install the Amazon app, you will receive a notification as soon as an item from your wish list is available at a low price.
  • Alexa Reminders: If you already have Amazon’s Alexa, you can ask it to remind you of specific deals: “Alexa, update me on Prime Day”
  • Watch countdown: Occasionally Amazon reveals in advance which items will be discounted in a few hours. Keep an eye on this countdown to know when to strike.
  • Use shopping cart: If a deal catches your eye, you should put the item directly in the shopping cart and thus reserve it. You can then compare the prices at your leisure and, if necessary, remove the product from the shopping cart – or happily win the money.
  • Check Sets & Bundles: Toying with a console? Then you should target the console and game bundles in advance. Here the probability of discounts is particularly high.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Amazon has announced that it will propose personalized offers to customers for the first time. Maybe there is just the right thing for you?
  • Trust in As soon as it starts, you will find absolute top deals in this article, which are significantly cheaper than the competition. So if you don’t feel like price comparisons and endless searches, you’ll find what you’re looking for with us.

The video tells you more tricks that you can use to be well prepared on Prime Day:

Offers at a glance: What can you buy on Prime Day?

Amazon has not yet commented on which items will be particularly cheap this year. However, seasoned bargain hunters know that certain deals return nearly every year, including:

  • Amazon devices like the Fire TV Cube, Echo Dot, Echo Show, Fire tablets, Ring Home Security, and Amazon smart home products (as early as July 6)
  • Amazon Servicesincluding Audible, various Prime Video Channels, Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Music Unlimited
  • Amazon fashionincluding clothing, shoes and accessories from brands like Amazon Essentials, The Drop, etc. (starting June 28)
  • kitchen appliances such as coffee makers, smoothie makers and food processors
  • electronics like electric toothbrushes and smart lighting
  • Entertainment items including TVs, smartphones, consoles and games
  • Best sellers from top brands like Apple, Samsung, Sony, Bose and Philips

Is Prime Day worth the wait?

Unless you absolutely need a specific item in advance, you should wait and see whether it appears in the Prime Day offer on July 12 or 13, 2022. An analysis by Business Insider has shown that you actually get a lot cheaper on Prime Day compared to other discount campaigns such as Cyber ​​Monday, Black Friday or Singles’ Day. Overall, you save around on Prime Day 27 percent at the normal price, on Cyber ​​Monday it is only 21 percent and on Black Friday only 18.5 percent.

Save before Prime Day 2022: Here’s how

If you not only want to do something good for your wallet but also your own karma counter, you can start saving before Prime Day. While the rumor persists that returned goods go straight into the trash, Amazon Warehouse Deals prove that those products can be given a second life. Although the goods are opened or used items, you can get them for a fraction of the original price. You don’t have to be afraid of defective products, because everything is checked before the new shipment and repaired if necessary. On top of that, you get a one-year guarantee.

Click here for the warehouse deals

But you can also save far away from the warehouse deals before July 12th and 13th, because Amazon started on June 21, 2022 already with early Prime Day offers from well-known brands. On the other hand, if you are toying with a subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited, you should 25th June strike, because Prime customers can then use the service for four months free of charge. From the July 6th you can also expect discounts on selected Amazon devices such as the Echo Dot.

Prime Day sweepstakes: get even more and save

This year, Amazon is focusing more on smaller companies ahead of Prime Day. If you shop between June 21 (9:00 a.m.) and July 11 (11:59 p.m.) from brands that you may not (yet) be particularly familiar with, you can take part in the Prime Day competition and win amazing prizes. Here you can go directly to the products that allow you to take part in the competition. Every euro spent increases your chance of winning.

The ten best deals from the previous year could give you a first indication of the upcoming Prime Day offers:

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