The devastating Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands clip shows the player’s Chaos Chamber loot disappearing

Tiny Tina’s Wonderland offers a lot of loot and the place where you can find the very best items is the Chamber of Chaos. Unfortunately one Tiny Tina’s Wonderland Players saw their hard-earned loot taken from the Chamber of Chaos.

There are several ways to get loot Tiny Tina’s Wonderland“Chaos Chambers. All enemies that players fight in the arenas have a chance to drop them, just like in normal gameplay. The loot cubes can also drop special loot, as can the bosses that players fight – including the Chaos Vaults’ hidden raid bosses. However, the most reliable way to collect gear is through the loot room at the very end of a run, as players have plenty of opportunities for high-quality weapons, spells, and class items.


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In the last booty room of a chaos chamber, Tiny Tina’s Wonderland Players can choose what type of loot they want to receive via the Chaos Bunnies. A nice rewards system that cuts down on the grinding process by allowing players to narrow down the loot pool to just what they want while also rewarding those who have been thrifty with their crystals and have thoroughly cleared the Chamber of Chaos, the Bunnies are an excellent one Feature. The room also features a loot box that ensures players get some items even if they don’t have a lot of crystals to feed the bunnies.

Unfortunately for Reddit user SuperiorWatermellons, the main crate at the end of the Chamber of Chaos worked against them. Weirdly, the fan creates sound effects when the chest is opened, and they’re visibly excited about the loot they’re about to get. While some legendary items can be seen, the fan never gets a chance to inspect them as all of the gear the player acquired fell through the floor. Heartbroken, players mutter “Oh” after seeing their hard-earned items ripped through the floor of the Chamber of Chaos.

In the comments, many were quick to joke, saying that it was the Redditor’s fault for shooting in the chest at the beginning of the clip. Others provide feedback, reminding the player that their lost loot is in Izzy’s Fizzies or at the Chaos Chamber entrance. However, it should be noted that this only works if the loot drops are set to cooperative. If they’re in competition, that loot is probably gone forever, which would make the clip even more heartbreaking. For now, fans should make sure their loot is in the cooperative environment before hopping into the Chaos Chamber.

with Tiny Tina’s Wonderland Since hotfixes and patches appear fairly frequently, it shouldn’t take long to fix this. However, with good loot slicing through the floors, fans should check out their lost loot machines regularly.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderland is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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