The Elden Ring player creates a helpful map of each boss location in the overworld

elden ring brings the patented FromSoftware Soulsborne formula to an open-world setting, meaning there are plenty of bosses to be found throughout its sprawling environments. Unlike previous FromSoftware titles where boss encounters were mostly just a matter of following the rails, players may have trouble tracking down all the bosses this game has to offer. To address the problem, one elden ring Player has created a helpful map of each Overworld boss location.


The Soulslike genre is legendary for its difficulty, meaning players can easily fall for easy enemies. Boss fights tend to be incredibly grueling challenges that force players to master every element of the games combat system. However, mastering the combat system doesn’t help if players aren’t even able to find some of them elden ring‘s non-dungeon bosses.

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Redditor fdsfgs71 created a graphic in the form of a large, clean map of elden ring‘s setting, The Lands Between, with colored dots representing the location of each non-dungeon Overworld boss. Apparently, they were inspired to create the map by their own frustration with the existing maps of the game’s many overworld bosses. The legend, which will help players to identify what each point means, can be found in the comments below the main post.

Legend has it that fdsfgs71 has broken down the Overworld bosses into a number of smaller categories, labeling each with a different combination of color and shape. Bosses that appear all day are represented as squares, while bosses that only appear at night are represented as triangles. More specific qualities are color coded: mounted bosses are green, flying bosses are light blue, and humanoid or giant bosses are orange. However, this is not the end of the list of things that fdsfgs71 has added to their map.

Also included are the locations of Evergaols, NPC invasions, Ruins, and Tibia Marines that drop Deathroots. These locations are marked purple, red, orange, and yellow, respectively. The decision to differentiate each boss by color and shape makes it fairly easy to scan the map and find the color you’re looking for, especially since the map background has a fairly faded color scheme. However, individual points are not labeled either on the map or in the legend. In other words, players can use this map as a reference to ensure they know where each Overworld boss is located, but not necessarily to tell which boss is where.

elden ring is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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