The Elden Ring player discovers the rare Latenna ability

An Elden Ring player records a unique interaction for the Latna, the Albinaurian Necromancer, that is both fun and heartbreaking.

Latna with Lobo

elden ring is full of mysteries, some small and some big. It may be months, if not years, before players can discover all the surprises that developer FromSoftware has filled elden ring‘s Open World with. So it’s no surprise that another such secret has been discovered and shared elden ring‘s community. The mystery involves the summoning of the Albinaurian spirit, Latanna, and ties into archery lore in a touching and heartbreaking way.

Pending discovery, the Latna calls in the Albinaurian spirit elden ring was a niche choice for gamers. Necromancer requires players to complete a short quest to acquire it, so not all elden ring player will deserve it. Also, Latna the Albinauric doesn’t move when summoned. It’s a “tower” style ghost, so it just stands still and fires its arrows from where it’s summoned. This type of necromancy doesn’t suit many playstyles, but it has its uses.


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However, a new mechanic for Latanna the Albinauric has been discovered. It’s rare enough that it’s unlikely to change your typical usage, but it’s very interesting nonetheless. If Latenna the Albinaur is summoned near a Direwolf unit, a type of large wolf found in the Caria Manor area and sparsely in other specific areas, she will mount it and ride around as an ally while continuing to fire arrows. Direwolf can still bite and damage the player as well as take damage, but is otherwise consumed until the necromancy’s duration ends.

The discovery was recorded by a user on Reddit. You found yourself in an encounter with a huge Troll Knight enemy that was dragging a handful of other enemies with it. A direwolf was an enemy that joined the fight. At first, the direwolf attacked Latenna normally. However, after a few attacks, Latenna performed what appeared to be a scripted animation in which she dodged an attack and climbed onto the wolf’s back.

Why this unique interaction between a necromancer and an enemy is emotionally gripping has to do with Latenna’s story. Latenna does not start as a necromancy. She is an NPC found in elden ring‘s world. When players find her, she will be lying next to her Direwolf pet. Unfortunately, however, it was killed. Later, Latenna willingly gives herself up to the player as a necromancy.

Latenna’s story is a tragedy, not uncommon in elden ring. Watching Latenna’s necromancy abandon her immobile attacks, jump onto the back of a direwolf, and dance across the battlefield is both beautiful and heartbreaking. it’s a feeling elden ring delivers so unique. And to think that it’s so rare that without this inclusion, players might never have spotted it.

elden ring is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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