The hilarious Elden Ring clip features two halberd users fighting to the death

After a month in the books for elden ring, the game lived up to its pre-launch hype for many players. With tons of new features, a massive open world to explore, more bosses than ever, and unique items galore, elden ring turned out to be an incredible game.

Since the game has been out for a month, a good number of players have completed their first playthrough, with a small number of those players completing everything the game has to offer, including the dedicated one elden ring and souls Player who completed all achievements. This has led to many players replaying the game multiple times for fun, but for many players the endgame content is penetrating.


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As such, many players have been busy figuring out how to distribute their stats, what weapons to use, and other things to optimize their PVP builds. This has also extended to invasion strategies such as B. A player who found out a big deal elden ring Strategy to stop bridge campers. However, for two players facing each other with halberds, the problem turned into a problem of a perfectly balanced fight.

Reddit user Atanaphor posted a clip to the page elden ring Reddit captures a fight between two halberd players. The two greeted each other with honor, applied some buffs, and got straight to the point. The two initially cast some spells, but then found themselves in melee combat. What happened next was both hilarious and awesome as players began hitting each other over and over at the same time. Similar to another intense elden ring PVP battle, the result was a tie where both players died at the same time, ending an incredible duel between the two halberd users.

In order for this glorious ending to take place, several events had to take place simultaneously. For one, the two players had to punch each other at the perfect time. Then they had to keep pressing the attack button, which resulted in a chain of attacks. Finally, and most importantly, this result could only be achieved if both players were persistent enough to keep attacking, hoping that their hit would be registered before their opponent’s. The sheer determination required to end the fight is the best part of it, as both players single-mindedly hit the attack button and refuse to change strategy or give up.

The struggle was quite the metaphor for the difficulty elden ring, as it takes a lot of determination for many players to fend off some of his toughest encounters. In the case of Atanaphor and her opponent, that determination was not required from either player, but the performance was both hilarious and impressive.

elden ring is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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