The Morbius ending and post-credits scene explained

So Morbius has finally happened – and yes, it might not be that great, but it will still have an impact on the future of the MCU. Or maybe not the actual MCU, but rather Sony’s rogue films – it’s kind of confusing and the lines between the two are more blurred than ever. With that in mind, we’re going to talk about what happened at the end of Morbius, spoilers and all, to either help you sort through what you just saw or save you a trip to the cinema, depending on the species of person you may be.

Bigger Morbius spoilers to come.

Not surprisingly, after taking the vampire serum/cure for blood diseases, Morbius’ friend Milo goes completely off the rails and within days becomes a power-hungry villain, blaming Morbius for various vampiric murders around town. This causes Morbius to divert his focus away from his own problem – the fact that blood won’t keep him alive for very long and he will eventually have to kill (despite a mostly unlimited supply of real blood in blood bags and the fake blood he has invented himself.) Luckily, his solution to this problem will likely be a two-for-one deal. He develops (with the help of his fellow Martine Bancroft) a “cure” for vampirism that borrows much from traditional folklore: it is used as a heart stake, preventing a vampire from regenerating and surviving.

He makes two, intending to use one on Milo and then one on himself.

Unfortunately, however, Milo attacks Martine before he can do so, leaving her for dead, making the fight all the more personal.

Said fight is a bit confusing – and mostly a blur of CGI bats and slow motion effects – but ultimately ends with Morbius completing his mission and killing Milo. Meanwhile, Martine awakens some distance away from her rooftop attack, where it is revealed that Milo didn’t actually manage to kill her, but instead put the vampiric curse on her unbeknownst to Morbius himself.

As the smoke clears in the final battle, Morbius flees the scene to avoid authorities, and apparently at some point in his escape he has a change of heart about using the cure on himself, because the next thing we know is that he has a secret meeting during the post-credits scene.

The setup for the post-credits scene is a bit tricky. Apparently, at some point (likely during the final moments of Spider-Man: No Way Home), a mysterious man manifested out of nowhere in an empty cell in the prison. That was Adrian Tombs, AKA The Vulture, who has no criminal record here in this world and was therefore released immediately. Why Tombs was sent to a new world is never made clear – although the specifics of how or why the No Way Home spell worked are fuzzy at best, considering the same spell also brought (and sent home) Eddie Brock into the main MCU world as well.

The first thing Tombs seems to do after being released from prison is to contact Morbius and offer him a proposition: assemble a team of like-minded people to do something good (or maybe something bad, who knows).

This is obviously a nod to an upcoming Sinister Six (or Sinister Six-style) team of Spider-Man villains and/or anti-heroes, although that project has yet to be officially announced. So far we can assume the involvement of Vulture, Morbius and most likely Venom as well as Kraven the Hunter who is getting his own film very soon and possibly Madame Webb who is also working on a solo film.

How or where these villains or potential team fit into the MCU overall remains to be seen.

Morbius is in theaters now.

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