“The Perfect Celebrity Dinner”: Vulva or Oyster?  SHE confused everyone!  – TV

“The Perfect Celebrity Dinner”: Vulva or Oyster? SHE confused everyone! – TV

These oysters didn’t end up on the plate.

Influencer alert on “The Perfect Celebrity Dinner”! After a full three-year break, Vox finally invited stars to sizzle again, but didn’t come up with acting and reality stars in episode 1, but instead gave the “social media generation” the opportunity to show off their cooking skills.

Food influencer Max (25) (Instagram name: “maxxpane”) from Cologne was able to remain completely relaxed – after all, he already swings the wooden spoon professionally and thus inspires over a million followers on YouTube.

But YouTube star Lara Loft (33), voice actress, singer and gaming show presenter, also showed a lot of ambition: “I want to win!”

Twitch gaming streamer Kevin alias “Papaplatte” was particularly upset, as an extreme gamer he usually uses delivery services: “I’ve never prepared myself so blatantly in my life as for this.”

Vanessa (28) is known as “painting tub” on YouTube because her first video was a painting tutorial. She is now also a food influencer and cooks dishes from films and series. However, the announcement of their “Celebrity Dinner” menu caused question marks among their guests. The main course was described as: “It tastes like a slumbering drunken ox in a patch of potatoes, parsnips and asparagus.”

Kevin was already trying to prepare himself mentally for everything: “With Vanessa, I could also imagine that we’re sitting there tonight, and then somehow a stripper comes in, undresses and dances on the table there.”

But the three social media stars expected something completely different in Vanessa’s apartment: lots of self-painted pictures that aroused very specific associations. Because Vanessa is an oyster fan and especially likes to draw them: “Some people say it looks like something different. Maybe that’s also my way of processing my femininity. But to me, that’s an oyster. I would describe myself as an oyster artist.”

After looking closely at the pictures, Max had a lot of questions: “Is the oyster generally an oyster? And if it is, is it generally vulva-like? Is this an obsession? Are you crazy about oysters?” But Vanessa insisted: “For me it’s an oyster! Whenever I paint, I somehow have to paint them.”

However, Kevin’s questions were now about the main course, which Vanessa announced with “ox cheeks”. He worried, “What is this anyway? Are we really talking about the cheeks or the back of an ox?” Apparently Vanessa wasn’t sure either: “Yes, well, I think that’s the cheek on the face.”

And that convinced the social media stars: Oyster fan Vanessa was able to get a total of 27 points.

But food influencer Max also wanted to win. He already knew exactly who he would donate the EUR 10,000 prize to: “Yesterday I found out from a friend that he has been bedridden for five months. Then he explained it. The disease is called ME/CSF. The disease is almost unexplored, so a donation like this would really do us good.”

He also got 27 points, so he had to share the profit with Vanessa, who donated her 5,000 euros to pensioners in need. Without further ado, Max decided to top up the profit: “I think I’ll just double my donation.”

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