The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is the best Robovac system ever

On paper, Robovacs should be awesome.

A small, autonomous vacuum cleaner that roams through the house every day and keeps things tidy? Maybe you attach a mopping pad to the back so it scrubs your floors too? Yes, please.

These seemingly simple yet lofty goals are often accompanied by hefty price tags, further cementing the idea that these little mudflaps will transform our homes.

That is, until you start it the first time and it sucks up your cat’s catnip toy. Or tangled in a pair of shoes your child left in the hallway. Or it might just page you from the corner of a room, completely confused as to how to return to its dock to recharge.

So you take extra steps. You go around the house every morning and pick up all the trash your family leaves behind. They block off areas of rooms that you know Robovac just can’t navigate. If it has an app, they’ll even dig into the maps and mark “no-go” areas.

But it still finds its way into places it can’t get out of. The cat finds her toys and drags them to the middle of the floor where they are sucked up again. Then he leaves behind a ball of hair, which the Robovac promptly smears everywhere.

You wonder why you ever thought this would change your life.

Enter the Roborock S7 MaxV.

What is it?

Roborock’s latest Robovac/mop is by far their best device yet. Technically, it shines above all other Robovacs and delivers its sublime feature set. It features improved wipe detection (which raises and lowers the wiper pad when carpet is detected) and uses next-generation reactive AI guided by a more powerful camera system with an LED light that enables operation even in the dark .

It has the most suction power of any Roborock vacuum, 5,100 Pa, has a roomier dust bin and a mop bin to better handle the 180-minute average runtime. Once the bot has mapped your home, it can refill itself to complete a job (rather than fully charging it). But even if a full charge is required, it can be done in less than 4 hours.

The S7 MaxV Ultra version comes with Roborock’s brand new auto-empty dock. But it’s more than just a place to empty the bin. There are two water reservoirs – one clean, one dirty – so the S7 MaxV can fill up its water tank and clean the mopping pad with fresh water and a scrubbing brush.

Set up

Just getting the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is an experience. The S7 MaxV is available on its own or with the auto-only empty dock introduced last year, so it comes in a separate box and is practically dainty next to the huge box for the empty wash fill dock.

You’ll need quite a bit of wall space, but if you’re using a two-robot system for vacuuming and mopping, chances are you’ve already reserved the space. Then all you have to do is pair the dock and Robovac, insert a dust bag into the dock, and then fill the clean tank with water.

You can start your first cleaning from the device itself, but to get the best experience you really need to connect the S7 MaxV to your home WiFi network and control it with the Roborock app. The app gives you access to things like firmware updates and detailed maintenance monitoring (such as when different filters, sensors, and brushes need cleaning).

In the app you can also access the detailed map that the S7 MaxV creates of your home. Then you can divide it into rooms, mark obstacles, or even customize how Robovac mops and vacuums each room. But the great thing is, maybe best The thing is, you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

The S7 MaxV is more than capable of detecting what type of flooring it’s on and adjusting its suction and mopping levels accordingly. It will automatically move its mop pad out of the way when it hits a rug or carpeted floor. It increases suction when it hits carpet and then retracts when it’s on a hard surface.

first run

The first ride in a new Robovac is always nerve-wracking. I hang around in the back room, listening for alerts or paying attention to notifications on my phone, waiting for what inevitably thwarted the Robovac.

With the S7 MaxV Ultra, I no longer had to worry. It cleaned my entire house and correctly identified where to mop and where to vacuum. If there were cords, it avoided them. The cat? That too was avoided. Basically anywhere it took one look and said, “Hmm, that looks like there might be trouble,” it would mark it on the map and find a way around it.

After a room was finished, it rolled back to the dock, where a rapidly rotating bristle brush scrubbed the mopping pad and sprayed it with fresh water to clean it. The S7 MaxV filled up its water reservoir from the same tank and then went into the next room.

In a few hours, my floors were cleaner and I had a complete map to segment and label, allowing me to create routines like cleaning up after dinner just in the kitchen and dining room. At no point did I have to rescue the bot or detach anything from its rubber casters. It was, without exaggeration, the easiest first run I’ve ever had with a Robovac.

One month later

The great thing about the S7 MaxV Ultra? His performance has remained as consistent as on day one. That doesn’t mean it’s 100% maintenance-free. I had to flip it a few times to dig out any hair that was tangled around the end of the rubber brush rod. And the Ultra Dock itself requires regular attention.

A full cleaning cycle in normal mopping mode uses a large amount of water. I have to refill and empty the water tanks every two trips. The only annoying thing is that the Robovac will loudly explain that you need to refill the tank and then continue cleaning the mop even though there is no water. It would be nice if there was an option to automatically pause it and let you refill.

Then there is the one ick factor that cannot be avoided. The dirty water tank is essentially a concentrated slurry of whatever the S7 MaxV Ultra picked up from your floor. On the one hand, it’s good to know that it works. On the other hand, it doesn’t smell that great. Luckily, the seal on the tank is good enough that you don’t know until you empty it.

However, smelly dirt can also accumulate in the dock, where the mop pad is cleaned and dirty water is diverted to the other tank. If you don’t clear that up at least Every two weeks there is a big mess.

But having to do some basic cleaning and refill maintenance on my robo-butler every few days is a very small price to pay for the reliability and cleanliness I get in return. Should I vacuum and clean my floors every day? Yes. would i do it manually? Please wait a second while I recover from my bouts of hysterical laughter.

where can i get this

You can buy the S7 MaxV Ultra alone for $859 ($769 for the first two weeks) or the S7 MaxV Plus (with the auto-empty dock, no mop refill) for $1,159 next week, April 8, on Amazon to buy .

The Ultra model with the Empty Wash Fill Dock will be available in the first week of May for $1,399. If you’re thinking of the Plus model, it’s worth the short wait and a few hundred extra for the Ultra Dock. The auto-empty dock is good, but the ultra dock takes the S7 MaxV’s autonomy to a whole new level.

The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra gives you the consistently clean floors you’ve always wanted, with the worry-free ease that other Robovac companies have promised but failed to deliver. Don’t waste your money, this is the last Robovac you will ever have to buy.

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