The Terminal List: The Engram - Bark Sedov
The Terminal List: The Engram

The Terminal List: The Engram

The Terminal List: The Engram

Lieutenant Commander James Reece (Chris Pratt, “Guardian of the Galaxy“, “Jurassic World“) and his platoon are tasked with securing a secret facility in Syria set up by a wanted war criminal. There, however, the soldiers run into the open knife: said facility is full of booby traps, and the Seals are attacked by enemy troops who suddenly appear. Only Reece and his comrade Boozer Vickers (Jared Shaw, “The Tomorrow War‘) survive the massacre and are eventually flown out of the battle zone.

Shortly before flying home, Reece receives a visit from investigative journalist Katie Buranek (Constance Wu, “crazy rich“), who writes about inconsistencies in the US Army, but is brushed off by Reece. However, it is precisely such grave inconsistencies that Reece shares with his wife Lauren (Riley Keough, The Girlfriend Experience) and young daughter Lucy (Arlo Mertz, “wildling“) expect: First, Reece’s fallen platoon mate Donny Mitchell (Patrick Arnold Schwarzenegger, “moxie‘, the son of a famous father) is accused of causing the deaths of the other soldiers by freaking out, which Reece staunchly denies.

Next, he is called to the home of Boozer, who committed suicide with his handgun – allegedly two full days before returning to the States with Reece. Attempts are made to convince Reece that he has memory problems as a result of his concussion, only Reece’s friend Ben (Taylor Kitsch, Friday Night Lights), also a former Navy SEAL, believes him. At the funeral of honor for the dead soldiers, Minister Hartley (Jeanne Tripplehorn, The Gilded Age) offers Reece a high honor.

He then meets journalist Buranek again, who follows him home and wants to get him information again, which Reece refuses again. When he is examined in a hospital because of his alleged brain damage, he is attacked there by murderous mask wearers.


After an action-packed, but also highly emotional and tragic introduction to the pilot episode and thus the plot of the new series, it quickly becomes clear what the actual topic of this and the following seven episodes will be: It’s about a murderous conspiracy within the US Army, specifically the Navy, which promises to lead to higher echelons in a manner similar to that of the late author Tom Clancy’s many novels (“Hunt for Red October“) the case. However, the template for The Terminal List does not come from Clancy, but from his fellow writer Jack Carr, who published the novel of the same name in 2018 and, as a former Navy Seal, knows very well what he is writing about.

Conspiracies per se are of course fully up to date, and unfortunately not only in TV series and cinema films, but also to a large extent in the good old reality. Ergo, the new series also meets the current taste of the audience pretty much exactly, and in particular the action-experienced main actor Chris Pratt (currently still in the third film in the series “Jurassic World“ to see successfully in the cinemas as well as soon in “Thor: Love and Thunder‘ from the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a guest appearance as Star-Lord), the story feels tailored.

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