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These healthy sports TV commercials for Nintendo Switch feature all types of games


Nintendo has released a series of six commercials in Japan featuring the upcoming Nintendo Switch Sports title, and each of them features a different sport from the game.

Not only do the commercials feature all six sports that can be played in Nintendo Switch Sports, but each commercial features players of different ages enjoying the game together. It really is incredibly sane, and they manage to explain all the different ways you can play just by watching how players interact with the game.

In the first commercial, which you can watch below, a group of friends play doubles tennis. Two of them are in the same room while the other two are in another place together. You can see them using the Joy-Con motion controls to swing their tennis racquets in-game.

Two younger boys can be seen in the next commercial below. It looks like they’re playing online in two different locations and challenging each other in Chambara. You can see them tilting their Joy-Con and a boy presses his power-up at the right moment for a KO

The next commercial shows a man and his granddaughter bowling together. This one is perhaps the healthiest of all because you can see the grandmother and mother on a video call broadcast so they can each see the other player. Bowling in Nintendo Switch Sports brings this family together.

This next commercial features a young boy using the leg strap add-on to kick a soccer ball into the goal. Afterwards, his father tries to do the same and completely fails. It’s pretty adorable, and you can check it out below.

The penultimate commercial below shows two women in the same room (possibly a woman and her elderly mother) playing volleyball against each other. You can see the older of the two really getting into it, jumping up to spike the ball in play.

Finally, the last commercial shows two girls playing badminton against each other online. They volley back and forth well until one of them scores a point. You can end up seeing them video call together while playing, showing that physical distance can’t stop them from having fun together.

If you’re undecided about buying Nintendo Switch Sports, which will be released later this month on April 29th, these commercials might be able to help you decide. While the game can be played in single player mode, the ads definitely seem to encourage playing with family and friends.

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