Three fixes “Destiny 2” still needs a month after Witch Queen

Destiny 2’s Witch Queen expansion has been out for about a month now, so that’s it Time to complain about things! Okay, not really, but these are issues the game is currently having post-expansion that I feel need to be fixed at this point. Some of them are mistakes, others can be purposeful choices. I’m not going back to old criticisms here (no more blues!), but things that have mostly surfaced since the launch of the expansion.

Xur sells junk – While this extends to all vendors, including Ikora, who gives you an Exotic Junk at the end of the Witch Queen Legendary campaign, we are reminded of this issue every week when Xur sells Exotic and Legendary armor with Junk stats. While I understand that different errors have different causes and may be more complicated to fix than it seems, this is a particularly egregious error in terms of how long it has lasted and how it has ruined a number of different vendor interactions, Xur in particular.

Glaive pattern drop rates – I really see no point in locking the other two class-specific glaives behind dozens and dozens of Wellspring runs to preserve the patterns. It took me about 30 runs to get the other two, I’ve seen other people run close to 60 without getting equalized a different pattern. It’s pure luck and there doesn’t appear to be any increased odds on Legend Runs or Speed ​​Clears. Weapon and red frame drops used to be increased, Pattern drops should also be increased. Of course, those exotic glaives also need serious buffs, but I’m not going to put this under the fix category for now.

Strange Coins – With the move to Year 5, the economy has been distorted in a rather strange way, although the 30th anniversary content has been preserved. Strange Coins, once common across a variety of different activities in the game, can no longer be farmed at the same level, although they are required to use the event. Costs should either be reduced or eliminated if they are no longer decreasing at the same rate. You don’t have to make this grind much longer for no reason if you want people to keep engaging with this content.

It’s probably not them only Problems I could list, but I would argue that they are the most noticeable at the moment. You can debate others (Throne World enemy densities! Annoying Void bounties!) but I think these are definitely universal issues in the Witch Queen’s wake. Bigger structural issues with the game may come another time (we’ll be rolling out another anti-champion rant soon), but for now I’m hoping these will be fixed in one of the next hotfixes, particularly the Xur issue that will be funny at this point.

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